As part of my continuing effort to gain exposure to new audiences, I have a post at Fox News regarding how Scott Walker’s ability to survive the Democratic, union and prosecutorial (John Doe) onslaughts has turned Walker into an emerging star.

Congratulations, Democrats you made Scott Walker a rising 2016 star:

Republican victories in the midterm elections widely are viewed as a rejection of President Obama’s failed policies. But are the elections a harbinger of things to come in 2016?

For Scott Walker, the answer is yes….

In reelecting Walker, Wisconsin struck a blow against the politics of personal destruction. That is a message Walker now is uniquely capable of delivering to an electoral sick of politics as usual….

Instead, Democrats gave Walker a national electoral credibility they may regret in 2016.

For the rest of the story, go over to the link.

Walker is parlaying his victory into greater notoriety, as this appearance from Sunday shows:

Walker clearly is on the rise, but how far can he go?


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