Scott Walker appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night to discuss his recent victory.

In the course of their talk, Sean asked Walker for his message to newly elected Republicans. Walker responded by urging the GOP to “get out there and lead,” suggesting that Americans are looking for leadership and real solutions to problems.

Hannity begins the segment with a clip of Rush Limbaugh talking about Walker’s win and describing him as a star in the Republican Party.

Watch the video:

Some people are already talking about Walker as a candidate for 2016.

Rich Cromwell of The Federalist recently wrote:

The Nation Needs President Scott Walker In 2016

In 2008, we went with the cranky, possibly crazy, curmudgeon known as John McCain. We probably should have gone with Mitt Romney. In 2012, we went with Romney. His promise of competent, effective management coupled with all the excitement of Walker plus a side of toast was not well received. We probably should’ve gone with a sleeveless Rick Perry. With those facts in mind, in 2016, we should definitely go for a candidate with more charisma, right? Not so fast.

Look at Walker’s results. He slashed money from a bloated education budget. He dismantled collective bargaining rights for public employees. He reduced Medicaid spending. And he keeps getting elected in a state given to Prairie Populism, despite the fact that, like Coolidge, he tends to think citizens should be given to self-support.

But what does he offer our collective imagination? What does he do to inspire us to rally around a cause? What are you, a raging lefty? You’re missing the point. Walker doesn’t offer us anything, and we should be cool with that. It’s what we cynical GenXers have been working for—getting the government off our damn lawn.

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