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House Election Results

House Election Results

Mia Love takes home an historic win while Dan Bongino falls short.

We will be covering several key House races, listed below.

We also will update individual races as meaningful numbers and/or results are known.


Florida 26

New York 24

New York 21

New York 23

Utah 4

Maryland 6


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FL 26

South Florida congressman Joe Garcia has conceded the race to Republican challenger Carlos Curbelo.

According to Joe Garcia:

“It does not appear we’re going to make up ground. This year was not a good year for Democrats”

I would say: the last 6 years were not good years for the American middle class.
Joe Garcia was in love with Obama and Obamacare. Now he got kicked in the butt.

Perdue (R) beat out 10-year incumbent Barrow (D) in GA-12.

    Estragon in reply to walls. | November 5, 2014 at 1:32 am

    Good riddance to Barrow, he’s led a charmed career. Should never have been elected the first time.

CA 52 — still too close to call. This could take a while.

My thanks to the Republican Party, for giving us decent candidates (and women! and blacks! no less.) and to the TEA Parties for keeping them honest. We are going to need this Senate and this Congress for some tough days ahead.

About those policies that were on the ballot, according to our President — it is time to make some adjustments.

The first and most basic adjustment I propose is that individual human lives count. Our government was instituted as an agreement among its people to promote the general welfare and provide for the common defense. Under our rule of law, it is not acceptable for officeholders to decide how many preventable deaths are acceptable in the service of “larger issues.”

It is not acceptable to have 200-300 dead Mexicans for the purpose of supporting stricter gun laws. Nor is it acceptable to have a dozen or so dead children from enterovirus because this administration wants different immigration laws. And the number of dead nurses and servicemen in the service of bureaucratic complacency is exactly zero.

In America, the individual does not exist to serve the State.

CA-52: DeMaio still holds on to extremely small lead at 100% of the count. A classy person would concede now…so expect Peters to call for a recount…and perhaps a stack of votes to appear magically.

It looks like there will be no formal announcement of CA-52 until Thursday, when all the provisional votes will be included in tally.

Gee, Bongino fell only 2,000 votes short in our badly gerrymandered state of Maryland? Maybe there’s something the GOP could start telling Marylanders that would allow a breakout of the deep indigo hold on this state.

Another Voice | November 6, 2014 at 2:05 am

A huge SHOUT OUT for Prof. J. who posted the high lights on the 23rd District NY Congressional Seat race. Rep. Congressman Tom Reed and his challenger far left liberal and democrat Martha Robertson were originally listed as one of top 10 congressional battles, picking up endorsements from both Emily’s List and the DCCC. Prof. J. brought Robertson game plan to the forefront and these postings were being picked by the national media. She finished with the DCCC pulling their funding and failure to answer the questions of finance fraud provided by Emily’s list. The voting results: Tom Reed won with 62.6%, Martha Robertson with a message vote of 37.4%. I owe it to the “Sunshine” Prof. J. provided herein. YEAH L-I !!!!