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Get your Free Obamaphone! is so 2012

Get your Free Obamaphone! is so 2012

What a country!

Where have you gone, 2012, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

The new meaning of prosperity is Free Obamacare!

From B.:

Saw this in Miami area.

Wasn’t the first one I saw but first one I could photograph.

Besides vans, storefronts, and guys at intersections with signs.

What a country!


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The van belongs to a private company that is used a lot by clinics and medical services to transport patients… they know their target

Somebody is paying.

There were the “ambulance chasers”, but now the “ambulance” does the chasing.

Maybe those WalMart clinics would be cheaper than the ER drop off? Of course Mexican ambulances have been dropping off illegals at border hospitals for years, but Obamacare has opened new pathways to your money. But the FREE stuff is mostly Medicaid I think, and not so new, just repackaged with the Obama logo.

It is (probably) illegal to ask if the customers are illegal aliens. They are all just as “American” as us, Obama said. So “what a country” might be (sarc) a little racist, since we are an open border society now, not a sovereign state. Free Obamacare for all the Americas … part of Santa Obama’s Doctrine of Diversity.

…vans, storefronts, and guys at intersections with signs.

I have seen those everywhere.

Bus benches too.

What bothers me is the word free.
There’s nothing free!!
Somebody else is paying!!

But I suppose for them the key term is “somebody else.”

But “somebody else” is ME !!

Why would anyone object to a poor, sick person getting medical attention? Some of the people who can’t afford health insurance are the same people who are serving you food in restaurants. I would love to see a nation with a healthy (and educated) populace. And we call ourselves a Christian nation….laughable.

    Ragspierre in reply to mwsomerset. | November 23, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    Well, liar, put up the QUOTED part where anyone objected to a poor, sick person getting medical attention.

    Many of us give quietly and without compulsion to make that happen, and many more of us WOULD if their ability to do it were not stripped from them by BIG GOVERNMENT.

    And, if we let them, MARKETS would do a much better job of providing for all human needs, and making everyone’s standard of living better.

    What most of us object to is the tyrannical government grab of OUR choices as to our own health, which we’ve been telling people for many years was always based on a pack of lies, and could not work as promised.

      mwsomerset in reply to Ragspierre. | November 23, 2014 at 1:09 pm

      Right…because our Health care delivery model was working so well….free markets and all.

        Ragspierre in reply to mwsomerset. | November 23, 2014 at 1:28 pm

        More stupid lies.

        1. yes! Our health care systems were limping along remarkably well, especially given the stupid, often killer, restrictions on innovation in both medicine and paying for health care, AND…

        2. there has been no such thing as a “free market” in health care finance since WWII, when FDR instituted the MASSIVE market distortions of wage controls.

        Where’s that quote, you sanctimonious prig?

        Observer in reply to mwsomerset. | November 23, 2014 at 5:02 pm

        Yes, so much more effective and efficient when government takes over providing your health care.

        Just ask our veterans. Or perhaps I should say, just ask their surviving family members.

    “Free Insurance” is another lie about Obamacare. There is no such thing as a free insurance. One way or another all of us have to pay for Obamacare and for the multi-million dollar ACA website mismanagement and for the continued deceit about keeping your doctor and for the growing bureaucracy that will never make health care “Affordable.” Nothing happens in isolation, nothing. There is no free floating insurance in the ether. There is no money tree. But there is van driving around promoting a lie.

    When government gets involved as it did with student loans education costs went up because government Deep Pockets is there to bail out students. The same will happen to health care: rising costs, diminishing returns. The quality for the poor will be diminished most certainly. Doctors have only so many hours in a day. And, doctors will leave the profession because of the inability to pay their bills. Nothing happens in isolation.

    BTW: I learned this morning in church that the majority of doctors helping to fight ebola in Africa are Christians. Government (and Jon Gruber) had nothing, nothing, to do with those numbers.

    I suppose you help people and wouldn’t think of spending hours on the internet whimpering. Right?

    nordic_prince in reply to mwsomerset. | November 23, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    You do realize that there is a difference between “health care” and “health insurance,” right? Just because a person has ZeroCare “insurance” doesn’t mean they will be able to have their medical needs/wants met. Take a look at Canada and other nations that “enjoy” socialized medicine in its full glory. People die waiting for their appointments – kind of like the VA.

    There are no free lunches in life … except in the Democrat Party view of life. Why do the working poor have so many children – more than they can afford? Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If you support somebody getting free medical care, you probably support somebody walking into a restaurant to demand a free meal, and somebody walking into Walmart to demand free clothes, etc. When and where does it end?

Activated cell phones are used in radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy uses activated cell phones.

Do you have cancer? Did you or a loved one die from cancer? Companies denied their employees use of cell phones.

This could be the premise for a class action lawsuit.

Trillion dollar deficits are evidence that
Obamacare is inviable. That said, with a multi-trillion dollar welfare economy, there are still indigent, homeless, and unidentified Americans. And that’s after aborting around 2 million Americans annually.

Just because the individual doesn’t pay out of pocket for something doesn’t mean that thing is free. There is always a cost, and someone has to pay for it.

Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, to paraphrase the late great Milton Friedman ~