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Dean Scream 2.0: “Where the HELL is the Democratic Party?”

Dean Scream 2.0: “Where the HELL is the Democratic Party?”

Hiding, or so it would seem.

Former Vermont Governor and “50 State Strategy” architect Howard Dean teetered on the edge of a meltdown during his Sunday interview on “Meet the Press,” asking, “where the HELL is the Democratic party?!”


The Democratic Party is licking its wounds, and for good reason—not even one of its top strategists understands the fundamental, underlying problem with the progressive message.

Dean complains that “you [sic] got to stand for something if you want to win,” but what do Democrats really stand for? Over the past six years, we’ve seen top Democrats work together to obfuscate the realities of Obamacare, promote social programs by exploiting fears of racism and disenfranchisement within minority communities, and block even bipartisan legislation from making it out of Congress alive.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t find a single fragment of a single progressive policy that hasn’t been tainted by the malfeasance of the Obama administration and top Democratic officials.

Republicans didn’t “run against Obama” as much as they stood up and demanded that the American people say “no” to the status quo. Americans voted for change last Tuesday, and the only way Democrats will be able to convince those voters that they were wrong is to once again move the goal posts that define the bounds of good governance.

I’m sure they’ll try.

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Shorter Beautiful Screamer (IF he could be shorter!): We didn’t lie good enough this time.

It looks as if Howard’s using Grecian Formula now. I remember when he had gray hair.

Who is Howard Dean?

The dems haven’t been honest about what their agenda is and now that the public see what it is, they don’t like it. The underhanded business of the progressive movement is what is killing the dems. Their policies won’t sell without lies and deception and they don’t work when placed into action. Sell it with lies and then fail to deliver is why the dems lost.

    David R. Graham in reply to showtime8. | November 10, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    Strong concur.

    David R. Graham in reply to showtime8. | November 10, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    And they can’t sell it with the truth because (1) the truth is they want rid of America and every other nation state in favor of world citizenship under their (Globalists’) rule and (2) Americans like being Americans, have no wish to be world citizens, and citizens of other nations feel the same about their condition in their nation states. The nation state is man’s supreme political expression. The dynamics of inter-national intercourse are permanent and the intelligent learn and deal with them and through them. We do not look out on the world and say, right off the bat, I am dissatisfied with that, it has to be changed to what I want it to be. Reality has its own mind and decision-making power. The nation state is a permanent state of affairs.

They need a “57 State Strategy”, obviously; a mere 50 won’t cut it.

Minus the combover, the top photo is the Hannibal Lecter face I imagine the prison nurse saw a split second before he ate her tongue.

Where the hell is the Democratic party?

Good question.

I tend to think that it’s a bit to the left of Chou En-Lai, and slightly to the right of Fidel Castro.

Oddly enough, the Communist Party U.S.A. basically agrees. They consider the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party, and maybe Obama, to be to their left … probably the only thing the Party and I agree on.