It would be sad if it weren’t so beautiful.

With just a few weeks to go until the Louisiana Senate runoff, Bill Cassidy is taking advantage of incumbent Mary Landrieu’s spiraling chances at re-election by pointing out Landrieu’s unfortunate tendency to vote for Obama’s pet policies a whopping 97% of the time.

Cassidy’s new ad, called “Represent You,” hits Landrieu on the issue of immigration, which is reemerging in talking points in conjunction with Obama’s impending executive action on amnesty.

From the Washington Post:

An open-ended Gallup poll in October, less than a month before the midterm election, found only 7 percent of voters said immigration was the most important problem facing the country.

The issue wasn’t at the forefront of campaigns during the midterm, but occasionally popped up, as it did when Scott Brown (R) ran an ad on border security in New Hampshire over the summer, and when Arkansas’ Tom Cotton (R) said terrorists were collaborating with Mexican drug cartels during a tele-town hall meeting in October.

Republicans have positioned Obama’s executive order, which would keep millions of immigrants from being deported, as an overstep of his authority, and Sen. John Boehner (R) has threatened to sue Obama.


At this point, the best thing Cassidy can do is beat the dead horse. Keep in mind that, although neither Cassidy nor Landrieu won a majority of the vote in the general, more people voted against Landrieu than for her. If we can convince at least some of the outliers to swing Cassidy, Landrieu will be packing her bags on December 7, and Republicans will hold 54 seats in the Senate.