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Branco Cartoon – I’m From the Government

Branco Cartoon – I’m From the Government

We’re here to fix your internet.

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After reading the title, I was expecting something on the NFL raids.

I really haven’t spent any time trying to figure out what’s what in this debate, but with Obo the Clown involved, I figure the opposite of what he wants to do is the right course of action.

I appreciate that in him.

    This is the camel sticking it’s nose under the tent. Yeah, they’ll get another source of tax “revenue” for them to skim and redistribute to their backers.

    But the bigger long-term play is it puts them in a better position to regulate speech on the Internet. The fact that the big broadcast networks and newspapers, who have become completely overrun with communist sycophants in the past 40 years, are dying a slow death to the Internet scares the shit out of the progs. This is the part of their answer.

Branco, I hope your mantle is big enough for all the trophies the professor is going to give you for your work. 🙂

Progressives do not believe in leaving well enough alone.

It’s racist/sexist/Islamophobic/homophobic/ableist ….

Brilliant, Branco!

Orwell had it right. They use terms that are the opposite of what they really mean. It is the fox enforcing fairness at the chicken coop.

Yeah.. I’m torn on the whole “net neutrality” thing.

I do think it’d be wrong for someone like comcast to block services that are essentialy their competitors, especially when they have a gov’t sponsored monopoly in many places (I have TWC myself). Sure, there’s U-Verse as a possible option where I live, but I’m right on the edge where the service is a lot slower. So TWC pretty much has a monopoly in my area.

But… and it’s a big but… I do NOT like the idea of classifying internet service as a utility that then can be regulated. That is something that eventually will be abused. With goverment, it’s when, not if. Especially with these yahoos in charge.

I’d think that you could handle the cases of blocking competitors via anti-trust laws anyway.

    tlw111245 in reply to miguelitosd. | November 19, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    why would it be wrong? What competing groups want is to transmit for free. Any transport service charges somebody for shipping. If competition wants to transmit without paying, let them install their own cable. (It would cost them far more to do that!)

The idea was articulated from a hole nderneath Barack Obama’s nose. That’s all you need to know.