Yesterday, mankind achieved something seriously amazing: we landed a space probe on a comet millions of miles away from Earth. Unfortunately for the scientists involved in this momentous accomplishment, modern day “feminists” exist.

One of the scientists was wearing a shirt covered in sketches of of scantily clad women. Not actual photos of women, but sketched images of pin ups in skivvies. So this chick from The Atlantic does what “feminists” do when encountering the inane: she lost her damn mind. Naturally, this scientist’s wardrobe selection means women are not welcome to participate in scientific oriented fields…

What should’ve been the happiest day of this man’s life for doing something no human being has ever in the history of our entire species done, turned into a tearful apology because of his choice of SHIRT. I kid you not:

But let’s put into context the types of things “feminists” champion, shall we? Shirt pictured above? HEINOUS, SINFUL, WOMEN-HATING, DEGRADING, HOW DARE HE?! And yet, in their skewed little worlds, all of the following are not only acceptable, but applauded.

We present to you, five reasons why “feminists” have no right to complain about that poor man’s shirt:

1. Slutwalks

Heaven forbid a man wear a shirt with chicks in underoos whilst women strut the streets in well, their underoos.

Slutwalk Feminism comet scientist tshirtBy David Shankbone (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2. They dress up as vaginas… on purpose

In 2012, Code Pink had this great idea: “Let’s dress up as vaginas to show Republicans what feminism is all about!” And so they did.

Code pink vagina feminism comet scientist shirt 

3. They beg Congress to pay for their birth control

Nothing screams “empowerment,” like tax-payer subsidized birth control.

Sandra Fluke Comet Scientist shirt Feminism


4. They wear tampons for earrings

What man can resist the charm of the tampon earring?

Melissa Harris Perry tampon earrings comet scientist shirt feminism

5. They compare voting for Obama to losing their virginity

Yeah, I got nothing…

But seriously, “feminists” took a groundbreaking scientific advancement and managed to make it all about themselves and their own insecurities. I’m sure our foremothers are very proud. Give your selves a pat on the back, ladies. Well done.

Don’t forget your vagina outfits with you when you leave.

(h/t PJ Media)

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