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5 Reasons “feminists” can’t complain about comet scientist’s “sexist” shirt

5 Reasons “feminists” can’t complain about comet scientist’s “sexist” shirt

Feminists take another victim: Star scientist.

Yesterday, mankind achieved something seriously amazing: we landed a space probe on a comet millions of miles away from Earth. Unfortunately for the scientists involved in this momentous accomplishment, modern day “feminists” exist.

One of the scientists was wearing a shirt covered in sketches of of scantily clad women. Not actual photos of women, but sketched images of pin ups in skivvies. So this chick from The Atlantic does what “feminists” do when encountering the inane: she lost her damn mind. Naturally, this scientist’s wardrobe selection means women are not welcome to participate in scientific oriented fields…

What should’ve been the happiest day of this man’s life for doing something no human being has ever in the history of our entire species done, turned into a tearful apology because of his choice of SHIRT. I kid you not:

But let’s put into context the types of things “feminists” champion, shall we? Shirt pictured above? HEINOUS, SINFUL, WOMEN-HATING, DEGRADING, HOW DARE HE?! And yet, in their skewed little worlds, all of the following are not only acceptable, but applauded.

We present to you, five reasons why “feminists” have no right to complain about that poor man’s shirt:

1. Slutwalks

Heaven forbid a man wear a shirt with chicks in underoos whilst women strut the streets in well, their underoos.

Slutwalk Feminism comet scientist tshirtBy David Shankbone (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2. They dress up as vaginas… on purpose

In 2012, Code Pink had this great idea: “Let’s dress up as vaginas to show Republicans what feminism is all about!” And so they did.

Code pink vagina feminism comet scientist shirt 

3. They beg Congress to pay for their birth control

Nothing screams “empowerment,” like tax-payer subsidized birth control.

Sandra Fluke Comet Scientist shirt Feminism


4. They wear tampons for earrings

What man can resist the charm of the tampon earring?

Melissa Harris Perry tampon earrings comet scientist shirt feminism

5. They compare voting for Obama to losing their virginity

Yeah, I got nothing…

But seriously, “feminists” took a groundbreaking scientific advancement and managed to make it all about themselves and their own insecurities. I’m sure our foremothers are very proud. Give your selves a pat on the back, ladies. Well done.

Don’t forget your vagina outfits with you when you leave.

(h/t PJ Media)

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Don’t the feminists preach that we should not assume anything about a person based on how they’re dressed? And aren’t they heaping unwanted attention on this poor man? You know, harassment?

Rockets are phallic symbols. That is obvious.

It is time for all the feminists majoring in Gender Studies to design, build and fly a vagina shaped rocket.

    Ragspierre in reply to Anchovy. | November 14, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Oooohhhhh, I nev-ah…!!!

    Hep me to a fainting couch, Geeves…!!!

    (But let me know when the “blast off” is scheduled. Heh!)

    TeacherinTejas in reply to Anchovy. | November 15, 2014 at 9:42 am

    They tried that V shaped rocket thing, I believe the Amazons did the pioneering work in the field, followed by East German swimmers who had previously worked with Von Braun in the Nazi rocket program. They kept focusing on the Nose cone/clitoris, but they insisted on making it too large, thus it ruined the aerodynamics of the whole thing.

    Anchovy in reply to Anchovy. | November 15, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    OK…. after several computer simulations (no not stimulations…. simulations. Different thing) of a vagina shaped rocket I have discovered a fatal flaw. At the speeds necessary to reach escape velocity the lips on the vagina shaped rocket would begin to flap uncontrollably and possibly enter into a fatal harmonic vaginal flap.

    This does not signal total project failure. The uncontrolled flapping of lips should be considered a symbolic representation of modern feminism.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | November 14, 2014 at 7:48 pm

I guess it is not going to go over well if I suggest they carve the comet into the shape of a cute little kitty cat?

If science is supposed to be about challenging assumptions, do people so timid that they can be scared away by a stupid shirt really belong in that career path?

Thanks for ruining the cool comet landing for me asshole.

I didn’t think I could get angrier about this than I was already, but… that unspeakable female needs to pull her head out of an orifice.

Cedar is right. These idiots are just garden variety bullies, writ large.

    platypus in reply to Foxfier. | November 14, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    To make things worse, they have a bully vagina pulpit to spout their brilliance.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Foxfier. | November 15, 2014 at 1:46 am

    He should come back with, “Thanks for making me cry, bi*ch!”

    Seriously, dude. Don’t fuc*king cry, especially in public over this idiot’s reaction. Turn in your man card, right now.

    The proper response would’ve been, “My transgendered gay-lesbian brother gave it to me on his/her deathbed and told me to wear it to the comet landing! Thanks for ruining my memorial, asshole!”

    Or, just give her the treatment real-life feminist Sarah Silverman got from Ryan Phillipe in, “Way of the Gun”!

      Can you imagine what Social Justice Nazi whore would have said if some guy objected to her own fashion choices?

      Fortunately, this crap – and the whole #GamerGate scene – has gone so far over the top, including the new college sex rules, that the backlash’s time has come.

      – –

      We need to adopt some universal dismissive responses to their concerns. Something along the lines of, “Oh, shut up and make me a sandwich!”

The world is full of potentially offensive people and things. These delicate flowers of womanhood need to be protected and shielded from “trigger” sights and events. Consider, for example, the telephone pole. Thousands of phallic shaped telephone poles networked together controlling power and information. A coincidence? I think not. Power and information controlled by the hetronormalpatriarchy.

Perhaps their fathers and brothers or another member of their immediate family need always accompany them when they go out into the hostile world. Sandra Fluke must take action and demand employers or the government cover the cost of smelling salts. Veils and full loose clothing should be encouraged. They can look to their Islamic sisters for protection and guidance. Burka Barbies of the west. You have come a long way babe……..

Just stay away from places with lots of stones.

Seriously – this is what feminazis have to worry about – a man’s shirt?!? Holy crap! You know what – all you feminists can suck…

    platypus in reply to CharlesH. | November 14, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    Uh, CharlesH, I thought you would have known that you can’t say ‘feminists’ and ‘suck’ in the same sentence. The least you could do is provide a link to the mind bleach.

EVERYTHING is sieved through, scanning for something, anything, that can be politically exploited as racist or sexist.

VetHusbandFather | November 14, 2014 at 8:20 pm

[i]No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt. [/i]

Let me get this straight, you don’t want to work in Engineering fields because you are afraid of being harassed by super nerd here in his anime girl shirt. But you are completely okay working in marketing with Mr. Sleeze that looks like Channing Tatum and hits on you all day. To every other woman in the universe this guy screams (I’m too intimidated by Women to even give you a polite complement). Yup. Feminism in action.

Perhaps I’m just depraved, but…

doesn’t the comet remind you of Kim Kardasian’s nakked butt picture…???

I mean, couldn’t it catch champagne, too…???

    It looks like an Amazonian horse…

    MouseTheLuckyDog in reply to Ragspierre. | November 14, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Ok. Guy you have just wigged me out.
    I heard about Kim slutho taking naked pictures for some mag, but I never searched them out. I think I would rather see naked pictures of Rosie, but please don’t give me any links. I’ll pass on those too.

    platypus in reply to Ragspierre. | November 14, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Rags, I don’t know about ‘just depraved’ but I do know that in your case depraved is not a bug it’s a feature.

    We luv ya – don’t ever change.

So what’s this stupid girl doing, reporting on something beyond her intelligence? The reason she focused on the shirt is because the comet landing was not interesting enough to her. All the capacity she had was focused on the one element in the whole event she had enough intellectual firepower (on the order of a cap pistol) to understand.

Americans are so insular. Or is it just generational liberals with an over-the-top heterophobic response? What happened to progressive morality or is that also a “choice” (i.e. opportunistic)? It’s not like the guy was wearing a shift made by Hefner or Flynt. Is it because the shirt does not depict women baring their breasts? Perhaps feminists are protesting women armed with freaking lasers! Women in combat? Yeah, right.

Feminists? I wouldn’t wear this shirt around gays.

I’m trying to figure out what happens nine months after a “rocket” shaped rocket is fired at a “vagina” shaped rocket.

    The problem is that his shirt is worn out of context. It was intended to demonstrate solidarity with feminists who advocate for women in combat, but the message was confused by another feminist faction that advocates to disarm women. Then there are the feminist sluts who bare their breasts to secure a pornographic right to express themselves. Their concern is that the boobs are covered with bras or bra-like clothing and, of course, freaking lasers! The outcome was predictable: pandemic confusion. Taste that, Euros!

    With feminists in charge, there is greater than 50% probability that they will choose to abort the mission.

    With feminists in charge, there is greater than 50% probability that it would be a gray (formerly known as “black”) hole, that would dismember and scatter the remains of the mission.

    So, whether it is a gray hole, or an aborted mission, the future of feminist flight is fraught with unpredictable mortal dangers.

I wonder if feminists would complain if he expressed his heterosexual pride. Perhaps the problem is that he didn’t frame the issue correctly.

Would feminists complain about a Gosnell shirt depicting a scene of conception, dismemberment, and flushing… followed by frantic plunging. Out, out damned spot.

Being solicitous of the scientist’s choice of attire because he’s accomplished is understandable. And I agree, whacko bird girls are entirely hypocritical. That said, the truth is, at a historic event, in our time, it will be seen visually by many people, even young people. The man is wearing a shirt with soft porn images on it. We hope our children are interested in the remarkable scientific accomplishments of our day, but I would not want any young impressionable girl – or boy – to see this man’s shirt.

It’s inappropriate and unprofessional.

To me, the guy’s shirt just screams “NERD!”, not “SEXIST PIG!”.

Hillary Clinton in pants pisses me off, but I don’t scream at anyone who’ll listen about how insulted I am.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to rinardman. | November 14, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    I agree. This guy is like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory waering his ‘cool’ shirt in his big moment. A crying apology, though? As if he’d run over somebody’s cat?

This should be a top-level post. It broaches the moral and ethical hazards created through a religion based on pro-choice or ambiguous principles.

The problem is that his shirt is worn out of context. It was intended to demonstrate solidarity with feminists who advocate for women in combat, but the message was confused by another feminist faction that advocates to disarm women. Then there are the feminist sluts who bare their breasts to secure a pornographic right to express themselves. Their concern is that the boobs are covered with bras or bra-like clothing. Hefner and Flynt are turning over in their hot tubs. Progressive morality! Then, of course, everyone complained about the freaking lasers! The outcome was predictable: pandemic confusion. Taste that, Euros!

Yes indeed, feminazis are jerks.

But speaking as a onetime rocket scientist who’s designed mechanisms and systems to operate in space, that is a seriously a**h*** shirt.

I don’t know, and can’t even imagine, a scientist or engineer who would consider wearing such a Bozo outfit when talking to the press, the military, a scientific convocation, or a college class. All have far too much respect for their fields and their work. They wouldn’t even appear without a coat and tie (though they might wear sneakers — but the camera won’t see that).

Now, if not appearing before the press to talk about professional work, the shirt’s another matter. Who sells those? I’ll take two.

I was like totally going to major in, like, rocket science. But then I totally hated algebra. It was like, “what’s this x thing and, like, why do I care”. So, like some, duh guy, is going down some dumb river and, like who cares how long it takes to get to some place with a dumb name like “point A”. Duh! Like, no one goes to point A anyway that is like soooo yesterday.

I like saw Ashley at the mall and she was so totally done with that stupid algebra too. I am totally into being a, like, scientist as long as I don’t have to, like, die of boredom in some stupid math class to do it.

Let’s get our hair done.

I left the following comment at the UK Telegraph page with this story:

Big GD deal. Feminists/progressives scream about this while empowering 12 year-old girls to traipse around the local mall dressed like sluts. This was a grown man wearing a humorous (and colorful) shirt. Which is more indicative of the direction of society, and which is more potentially damaging?

It was flagged for review and was edited, with the entire second sentence removed, rendering the post nonsensical. A little testing showed that the word that tripped the site’s filter was “feminist.” I guess being critical of feminists is considered “hate speech” in the UK.

I doubt Rose even knows what a comet is. I’m sure she scours everything looking for a reason to have her feminist sensibilities upset.

The dude’s an idiot for wearing that shirt while in the spotlight. Anyone that knows what a comet is should know better.

    rinardman in reply to Barry. | November 14, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    The dude’s an idiot for wearing that shirt while in the spotlight.

    Is this guy a spokesperson? When he dressed for work, did he have any clue that he would end up being interviewed on camera?

      If he works at a bar/strip club/ or lots of other occupations, OK. An engineer would last about 5 minutes in ANY firm with more than a couple associates I have ever been associated with. She’s a moron, but he is still an idiot, even more so because of his whiny ass apology. He could have just said “wrong shirt for an interview, sorry, get over it” and that would be that. Hmm, makes him a double idiot, talented and intelligent, but still an idiot.

      You try wearing that shirt where you work…

        ConradCA in reply to Barry. | November 16, 2014 at 10:22 am

        The fact that he couldn’t wear that shirt at a private company is just a reflection of these feminazi views enforced by lawyers and hostile workplace laws.

    platypus in reply to Barry. | November 14, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    You’re right about the shirt. I think he should have done the interview with no shirt after borrowing some lipstick to scrawl “I love Femen” on his bare (hopefully hairy) chest.

So he ruined the comet landing for her? Did it ever occur to her that she ruined it for him. And, unlike her, he actually had something to do with it. Asshole, indeed.

The shirt is Vegas chic… the old Vegas… it’s so loud as to be super cool. With the little spacecraft unfortunately near death, diversion is a good break from reality right now. I think those that feel offended are jealous… and best ignored.

Since she started the conversation on such a high intellectual plane I suppose it is acceptable for me to mention that is one homely broad?

These malignant jackasses only have the power we give them.

Why are we giving them such power? Blow them off. Let them rant on the streets like lunatics.

I wrote this to Ms Rose Eveleth (on FB):

“You said: “Thanks for ruining the cool comet landing for me xxxxxxx”

Oh, grow up – the next time anyone points out how feminist are hypersensitive, ever-ready to be offended, but ONLY by men (and never applying the same standard to feminist / liberal women) – we can just point out your response.

Guy works towards a literal historic event, and it’s all about his shirt.

Meanwhile a soccer player rips off her shirt at the end of a game, and that’s empowering. A man enjoys the female form (maybe he was celebrating slut walk?) and it’s a crime.

And – of course, had it been a WOMAN who had had art on her that enjoyed the female form, anyone saying it would be homophobic.

Feminist = double standards and never about real equality.

But, let me guess “you don’t know me” – yea, but I know your actions.”

Been a reader for… well a long time. Even sent in a few bumper stickers photos, and I love this post! the hypocrisy… it burns! lol

Thought you all may enjoy my old blog I’ve just dusted off: Carrier landings, science, and when is a shirt not just a shirt? Must we now destroy art when it shows a female form?

Sorry, but the crashing lack of self-awareness ought to carry some consequences.

I mean, the guy gets up in the morning thinking “This is the most important day of my life” and then puts on a shirt with naked women?

The contortions you have to go to in order to defend this decision are ludicrous. Apply a little common sense here. He did something truly dumb. He deserves the embarrassment, along with the credit for his accomplishments.

This apple came with a worm in it.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to creeper. | November 15, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    “Sorry, but the crashing lack of self-awareness ought to carry some consequences.”

    For the rest of his life his buddies will have video of him in tears apologizing for a shirt. When I think of my buddies and how they’d respond, this strikes me as a considerable negative consequence.

      All of which could have been avoided…with a different shirt.

      I suspect that, as with most embarrassing moments, Matt Taylor will some day look back on this with his friends and laugh. He deserves all the credit and most of the bashing he’s getting.

I am concerned that the women dressing up as “vaginas” don’t know the difference between a vulva and a vagina. This explains everything.

    Ragspierre in reply to Orwellington. | November 15, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    A penetrating insight.

    (Can I say that…???)

    It’s the same problem with anal and rectal. They flubbed the analogy. Perhaps the psychiatrists who selectively normalized homosexual orientation, and the politicians who opportunistically normalized homosexual behavior, assessed that the former had a positive emotional appeal, and chose to proceed despite the biological anomaly.

TeacherinTejas | November 15, 2014 at 9:38 am

I look at Lena Dunham, the ditz from MSNBC and Sandra FlUCK and I can’t help but think, funny how so many of the women who are FOR abortion I wouldn’t want to F___ anyway!

He didn’t spoil the event for her, he made her week, at least! People like her LIVE to be offended. They’ve been taught to look for it and anything that might possibly… with whatever contorted logic … be construed as offensive. She’s absolutely ecstatic that she got to scold someone in front of a large audience. It is seriously all about her.

I have to disagree with all my Legal Insurrection friends.

Why can’t you all see that wearing that shirt was very sexist?

I mean, come on! It was sexist.

This isn’t rocket science.

I suspect that if he wore a shirt depicting scenes from the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, then she would have similar complaints. Quelle horreur! Exposed, bare skin!

I guess I don’t understand.

Aren’t the women depicted in the scientist shirt the “D” in dominate and submissive?

That should be empowering, right!

I’m also not sure how whining and complaining makes women feel stronger, I’ll give Nike and Gov. Christie credit here, Just (shut up)Do It!

The reaction of this ‘feminist’ is exactly why programs aimed at ‘recruiting’ engineers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. based on gender, politics and race are bovine scat!

Well, I’ve never been a fan of the feminists. They’ve pounced on me because I’ve made pronouns agree with antecedents (When someone is in trouble you should help him, not them) as taught by a FEMALE teacher. Also, I have nothing but respect for the scientific know-how that got a manmade spacecraft on that comet.

But did the guy really have to wear softcore porn to celebrate the event? What’s wrong with an ordinary plaid button-down shirt, or even a suit and a tie?

On balance, I guess I’m a little more sympathetic to the scientist. But there is the element of vulgar v. vulgar here.