ABC news and many other sources are reporting that Vonderrit Myers — the St. Louis black man shot dead by a white police officer after he allegedly pointed a gun at them — tested positive for numerous tests of gunshot residue.  (PDF embedded below.)

The shooting reignited racial strife in St. Louis in MO, also ground central for looting and arson after the shooting of black Mike Brown by a white police officer in nearby Ferguson, MO.

This would be the same Vonerrit Myers whose mother claimed he was “armed” only with a sandwich when he was shot and killed by police, as reported here:  “Off-Duty Police Officer Kills Sandwich Wielding Teen In Saint Louis”

This would be the same Vonerrit Myers who was apparently captured posing with what appears to be a 1911 pistol on the right of the image above (courtesy of Gateway Pundit).

This would be the same Vonerrit Myers apparently posing with a multiple pistols in this photo:


The source of that last photo is an article from Fox News titled “Vonderrit Myers, Jr. showed off his guns before shooting.”   That whole article is worth reading, as it provides greater detail on the police officer’s perspective of the gunfight.  It also closes strong, noting:

The officer, who`s now on standard leave, is a Marine Corps veteran with three combat tours under his belt. Millikan [the officer’s legal counsel] feels it`s his extensive combat training that kept him alive last Wednesday night.

Like Trayvon, it seems Vonderrit Myers may simply have chosen the wrong victim.

More on this to come, I expect.

–-Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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