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SodaStream relocating factory to southern Israel

SodaStream relocating factory to southern Israel

Hundreds of Palestinians may be out of a job.

Someplace a BDS activist is celebrating that SodaStream is closing it’s factory near a West Bank settlement.

And with it may go hundreds of jobs for Palestinians.

Sodastream says it was a commercial decision, not because of the boycott which seeks to ban Sodastream from television and stores.

But no matter, BDS will call this a victory, because BDS victory always is in their own minds, irrespective of reality.

From Haaretz:

A representative for Israeli drink maker SodaStream International Ltd. says its factory in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank will be relocated next year to southern Israel.

Nirit Hurwitz said Wednesday that the facility will move in 2015 to Lehavim, in Israel’s southern Negev region. She said the decision to move is for “purely commercial” reasons.

Palestinian activists had launched a campaign boycotting the company because of the factory in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, a territory captured by Israel in 1967 from Jordan and claimed by the Palestinians.

SodaStream has said it employs hundreds of Palestinians and gives them equal benefits as Israeli workers.

SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said: “We are working with the Israeli government to secure work permits for our Palestinian employees.”


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2nd Ammendment Mother | October 29, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Want to take bets on how long it takes for a memo to come out that the evil Sodastream’s decision was made in order to harm it’s Palestinian employees…….

No, no, nos, silly wingnuts.

Companies and corporations don’t create jobs.


I’m using the dip in their stock as buying opportunity today. “Palestine” is just about the worst nation-state idea anyone ever had.

Takes them farther from the rockets that are now showing up in the Arab occupied parts of Israel.

Great product. Great customer service. Have had mine for three years. I don’t make sodas, but only sparkling water. Costs about .20-cents a liter.

The thing about the BDS movement is that they don’t have to deal with Real Life ™ outcomes. All they are interested in is defeating Israel any way they can REGARDLESS of the actual implications for the Palestinians on the ground.

The reality is those morons who make up the BDS movement don’t actually give a damn about Palestinians because if they did they would be using every ounce of the moral fibre to force terrorist organisations like Hamas and Hesbollah to actually make the lives of the people under their control better INSTEAD of using them to kill jews.

So congratulations BDS, you might claim this as a victory but I doubt those hundreds of Palestinians put out of work will be sending you thank you cards any time soon.


Daniel Belteshazzar | November 7, 2014 at 1:17 am

The BDS movement stands for, Bigotry, Dishonesty, and Shame. 900 Palestinians losing their jobs helps them how? It seems the BDS movement makes a lot of noise, but does more harm than good.