Remember the pink sneakers and progressives promising to stand with Wendy? Remember how sure liberals were that Wendy Davis would turn Texas blue? Remember when people at CNN and MSNBC were falling all over themselves to talk about the exciting candidacy of Wendy Davis?

Those days are gone.

Once a rising star in the Democratic Party, Wendy Davis is now about as popular as a plane seat next to someone from Liberia.

Even Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC was questioning the decision to run the now viral “wheelchair ad” when she interviewed Davis yesterday. If you listen carefully, you’ll notice a strange comment from Mitchell at the 4:30 mark.

Mitchell refers to Greg Abbott’s “supposed” disability. Supposed? Really?

Noah Rothman of Hot Air is calling game over:

Wendy Davis is falling apart

Mitchell’s claim here that Abbott suffers from a “supposed” disability is getting a lot of attention, as it should, but this comment was really is just one example out of many which indicate just how friendly this venue was for Davis. Abbott’s disability is empirically evident, and no qualifier was necessary. Davis, if she were a smart candidate, could have taken this opportunity – the second, if you’re keeping count – to acknowledge the concerns of those who were genuinely offended by her ad. Instead, she said that everyone she has talked with thought the spot was fair and illuminating. Davis added that the ad has been a benefit to the people of Texas who are “now informed about who he is.”…

Question: “Do you see this as the central issue of your campaign, rather than, for instance, the shutting down of the clinics throughout he state which have made it so difficult for women throughout Texas to go to planned Parenthood and get medically necessary abortions?”

Okay, this might be the softest softball ever lobbed at a candidate in modern political history. Mitchell is practically begging Davis to get back on message. “Remember why you’re here in the first place?” The MSNBC host might as well have asked. “Your unsuccessful filibuster in support of late-term abortions? Why don’t you talk about that a bit and remind us why we supported you in the first place.”

Davis, as bad candidates are wont to do, simply ignored this layup and went on to talk about something entirely unrelated. The state senator decided to take this question about abortion, perfectly teed up by the helpful but discomfited Mitchell, and talk about education policy instead.

You could practically hear Mitchell’s head collapse into her hands in despair as she allowed Davis to drone on for three unbroken minutes.

Maybe next time Democrats will think twice before they rely on a little known senator.

Oh wait.

Featured image via YouTube.


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