said This may be the worst race-baiting campaign ad since Willie Horton.

Greg Sargent at WaPo announced Willie Horton is back!.

The freaking out was over an NRCC-sponsored ad linking Rep. Lee Terry’s (R-Neb.) Democratic opponent to convicted murderer Nikko Jenkins, who also happens to be African American.

The ad attacks state Sen. Brad Ashford over his support for the state’s “good time” laws, and blames those laws for Jenkins’ early release. It doesn’t mention Jenkins’ race.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s the original Willie Horton Ad:

Via The Hill:, Michael Steele joined the fray at MSNBC:

“You say to yourself, what is the point of this ad? I mean, in the context of the case or the situation, yeah, okay, the member of the house supported the law. But then to put it in this frame, says something very racist in my view…Stupid does stupid,” Steele said Saturday on MSNBC’s “Up With Steve Kornacki.

“This ad doesn’t tell you anything other than consultants are stupid and that’s basically – they play to the lowest common denominator and that’s part of the problem,” he added.

Is the Nikko Jenkins ad racist?

Is it worse than the NAACP television ad about the murder of James Byrd by white men which suggested George W. Bush was indirectly responsible?

Are they all equally bad, but not necessarily racist?


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