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Inconvenient Truths Week at College Insurrection

Inconvenient Truths Week at College Insurrection

And now, another report from the wacky world of higher education.

This week’s course from Prager University was particularly enlightening.

Here’s another inconvenient truth. Higher ed isn’t immune to Ebola.

George Will is still controversial for some reason.

Dinesh D’Souza too.

Because you know, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

Politics in higher education.

Oh, those crazy professors…

Religious studies update.

And now, the news in sports.

What I learned in college.

Rape culture.

And finally, leftism gone wild.

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PersonFromPorlock | October 25, 2014 at 1:18 pm

There are times when I’m tempted to take a leaf out of the Progressive book and simply deny, not only that there’s racism in America, but that there ever was. If I weren’t still capable of some shame, the thought of going on Progblogs and breezily dismissing all concerns about racism as ‘leftwing paranoia’ would be so appealing….

    That only works for the left because they control enough of the big megaphones that nobody hears anything else. Gas lighting like that tends to disintegrate once people have hard evidence to the contrary.

    Our job is to continue to get that hard evidence out there to as many people as we can.