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Hillary Clinton: Businesses Don’t Create Jobs, Gubmint does

Hillary Clinton: Businesses Don’t Create Jobs, Gubmint does

Ladies and gentlemen, the presumptive Democratic nominee for 2016.


While campaigning for Martha Coakley in Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton took a jab at trickle down economics and in the process of doing so, claimed that corporations and businesses don’t create jobs.

The Washington Free Beacon has the story:

Hillary Clinton: Corporations and Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

At a Democratic rally in Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton’s attempt to attack “trickle-down economics,” resulted in a spectacularly odd statement.

Clinton defended raising the minimum wage saying “Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, they always say that.”

She went on to state that businesses and corporations are not the job creators of America. “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” the former Secretary of State said.

Here’s the video:

On a related note, do you know who’s a big fan of trickle down economics?

Hillary Clinton’s good friend Barack Obama.

Still, it was nice of Mrs. Clinton to campaign for Martha Coakley because she needs help.

According to FOX News in Boston, Republican Charlie Baker is now in the lead:

New poll shows Baker takes 9-point lead over Coakley in race for governor

A new Boston Globe poll released Thursday shows that Republican Charlie Baker has a 9-point lead over Democrat Martha Coakley in the race for governor.

Baker has moved up from 38-percent support to 45-percent since August. Coakley is trailing with 36-percent. The new poll, showing results from Oct. 19 through Oct. 22, has a plus or minus 4-point margin of error.

Coakley’s campaign released a statement in response to the poll, calling it an “outlier” and “the only public poll to show such intense volatility in the race for governor, going from Baker up 3 three weeks ago to Coakley up 5 two weeks ago, to even last week and Baker up 9 this week.”

It looks like even true blue Massachusetts is ready for real change.

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“Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, they always say that.”

Yeah. Because it’s true. THAT’s why people always say that.

Including even Collectivist economists. They can’t tell you otherwise, so they argue that the losses won’t be that great, or the benefits will outweigh the costs. From their nice, fat sinecures in labor unions, think-tanks, or other ivory towers.

Even Ol’ Walleyes is not THAT stupid, so you know she’s just flat out lying. But that is what Collectivists do. Every day. And first to themselves.

While I take Mr. Will’s point, I strongly disagree that Barracula practices “trickle-down” economics.

I would correct him to say it is “tinkle-down” economics, as in the famous Josey Wales saying. (“Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”)

“Trickle-down” is, first, a Collectivist corruption of the idea that leaving people with their money will allow them to make good choices that ramify through the economy. It goes with the “tax cuts for the rich” lie.

As we’ve seen, “tinkle-down” economics has had the opposite effect as American standards of living have been in decline, and fewer and fewer individual Americans have FEWER choices in the markets, and less means to express their choices.

Proof positive that being around Martha Coakley makes you more stupid…

It looks like even true blue Massachusetts is ready for real change.

Don’t get too excited about any possibility of “change”, because even in the People’s Democratic Commonwealth of MA, the Republicans aren’t noted for any such thing.

Since 1900 we’ve had nineteen Republican governors but only thirteen Democratic ones. From Cal Coolidge all the way down the scale to Mitt Romney, I’m afraid that Republicans have done more than their fair share to make Massachusetts what it is today.

I see that Charlie Baker has a 9% lead in the polls according to the Boston Globe. Now Charlie is no great Conservative but I’ll gladly hold my nose tom vote for him over Coakley.

Having said that, I almost feel sorry for “Marsha” Coakley. If she has to rely on Hillary Clinton’s support and that turns out to be lame, it’s almost too embarrassing to watch.

Almost. I still peeked.

TrooperJohnSmith | October 25, 2014 at 11:59 am

“Spoons create obesity.”

Ol’ Granny – she doesn’t have anything new to say, so she just throws the same old sh!t against the wall, and hopes something sticks.

So Government creates jobs, right? They sure have done a bang-up job of it the past six years!

She also appears to believes that businesses don’t really pay people either; it’s compassionate Democrat politicians who do that: “My husband gave working families a raise in the 1990s.”

Which makes sense if you believe that all the money belongs to the government in the first place — as Democrats do, because they call the part of your earnings that you’re allowed to keep a “handout.”

Hillary is really going to run if she’s saying things like this. She’s triangulating Warren and the rest of the left. Look for her to go pro-Palestinian next.

I’m going to try to keep my wife from seeing this. She was pretty sure the two businesses she started over the last decade or so created jobs; she’ll be quite upset if she finds out the government was somehow responsible.

Me? I’m wondering just how the government managed to convince her to start those businesses without her knowing they were behind it all. The Vulcan Mind Meld, maybe?

Well,that’s certainly a relief to know that the business I didn’t build didn’t create jobs for my employees and work for my contractors.

Stupid fucking progressives. Who listens to this shit and votes for them?

Ever seen that movie ‘The Purge?’ Sometimes I wonder what could be if only we weren’t saddled with so many abject morons….

Yeah… and chickens don’t create eggs.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” the former Secretary of State said.

And unicorns are running rampant creating global warming, destroying hard drives and email evidence while creating derogatory You Tube videos and decimating embassies as we speak.

We are being set up for Trickle Down Prostitution ala Clinton style Pimping.

Poor Hillary, she’s so confused about what the definition of a ‘job’ is. She must have hit her head harder than we thought.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs”except when Dems need corporate donors.

Hillary is reducing her chances of winning the primary every time she speaks lately. Somebody besides Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts is going to make a run for the Dems because Warren is just another Obama – no record or experience – and people will see that. I wonder who the new Dem candidate will be. Anybody know who that might be?

    For starters, try Cuomo, Malloy, O’Malley and last – and least – the one, the only (thank God!) good ‘ol uncle Joe.

    May the bloodletting begin as soon as possible.

Well, a good government that cracks down on street crime and refrains from punishing moral and productive folks could be an indirect job-creator. It might attract commerce and make people feel secure enough to invest in industries or businesses that employ people–hence the right kind of government can be an indirect job creator.

Our problem now is that we have a government-academia-legal-media complex that encourages class warfare and the war of all against all.

Shrillary Shroooo, do us all a favor and go home to bake cookies and be a good grandma to Chelsea’s daughter. It’s good for a child to have a lot of truly caring adults around; and you’ve proven your incompetence in public office.

This woman is so dumb. Truly: dumb.

This only goes to show that people who vote Democrat are ignorant, stupid, or more likely, both.

Dear Hilly:’Yo, Mamma…So you ain’t benefittin’ massively from the “Trickle Down” from ‘yo hubby, Billy Bubba?? You been trickled down for decades from Mister C. and that ain’t even speakin’ about all those Bimbo Eruptions that been trickled ON by Bubba.

Henry Hawkins | October 26, 2014 at 7:39 pm

For the record, Obama’s official style is trickle up poverty.

If this harridan decides to run for President, and the Republican party doesn’t use this video in nationwide ads, they don’t deserve to ever have use of the oval office again.

Hillary’s comment is a continuation of the socialist lie “You didn’t build that!” being perpetuated by the leftist party.
It plays well to the demographic.
The only thing minimum wage will do is spur automation at fast-food restaurants, resulting in a reduction of low-paying jobs and resulting in an increase in unemployment.

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | October 28, 2014 at 10:10 pm

There’s a Gubmint Sucker Born every minute.