What’s one to do when it looks like the midterms aren’t going their way?

Stealing Republican lawn signs is always an option, as long as you don’t get caught. One Delaware Democrat wasn’t so lucky.

Thomas Lifson of American Thinker provides this stunning yet funny report:

Dem state senator’s husband busted while stealing GOP lawn signs

The Democrats have become the win-by-cheating party, so much so that the President of the United States jokes about vote fraud to a party rally, just as he joked about using the IRS to punish his political opponents. Just as a fish rots from the head down, so too does a political party that depends on the votes of ineligible aliens and that fights tooth-and-nail against the sort of voter identification measures common in other advanced (and not-so-advanced) democracies.

The ethos, one that predates Obama by a century or more, has filtered down to the local level, for instance a contest for the Delaware State Senate (hat tip: The Blaze). In the town of Middletown, GOP lawn signs bearing the slogan “Fix the Economy! Vote Republican” had been disappearing, so GOP volunteers set up a surveillance operation and caught the miscreant, who happened to be the husband of an incumbent state senator, one Sen. Bethany Hall-Long.

The sting was caught on video and here it is:

Mark Eichmann of Newsworks asks the obvious question:

Is sign stealing effective political strategy?

It’s a darker political tradition that’s getting a lot of attention after Delaware state Senator Bethany Hall-Long’s husband was arrested for campaign sign stealing.

Hall-Long’s husband, Dana Armon Long, was caught on camera stealing signs that encouraged residents to “Vote Republican.” After the video was forwarded to Middletown Police, Dana Long is now facing misdemeanor theft charges.

“It happens all the time, all over the country,” said Paul Brewer, associate director of the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication.

As far as campaign strategies go, “I think it’s a pretty ineffective one,” Brewer said. The reward isn’t worth the risk. “Is it going to make that huge a difference if a few yard signs are gone? No. And if you get caught, especially if you’re connected to a campaign, the blowback could be quite extensive.”

You don’t say.

Featured image via YouTube.


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