For Colorado Democrats, voter fraud isn’t just a way of life—it’s an awesome way of life.

James O’Keefe has released more raw footage showing employees of three separate Democratic groups in Colorado—Work For Progress, Greenpeace, and the Rep. Joe Salazar campaign—directly condoning James’ suggestions about how to commit voter fraud using mail in ballots.


This isn’t just criminal—it’s enthusiastically criminal.

Progressives like Donna Brazile may believe that allegations of voter fraud are “a big ass lie,” but the only big ass lie I’m seeing is the lie Democrats in Colorado are telling when they say they’re working for fair and equal representation for the citizens of their state.

John Fund at National Review points out that Colorado officials have repeatedly warned legislators about the very real prospect of mass-mailed ballots being used to commit voter fraud:

Colorado secretary of state Scott Gessler, along with several county election clerks, have raised warning flags that a new state law that automatically mails a ballot to everyone is an engraved invitation to commit fraud. “Sending ballots to people who did not even ask for them or have moved out of state is asking for trouble” he told me. For example, little can stop someone who collects discarded ballots from trash cans, fills out the ballots, and mails them in. Election workers are supposed to compare signatures on registration records with signed ballots. But if a person has a “witness” who signs the ballot on the witness line, then the signatures do not have to match and the vote is counted.

If voter fraud is as easy in Colorado as it appears to be, it’s a wonder any Republicans get elected at all.

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