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Branco Cartoon – Ebola-care

Branco Cartoon – Ebola-care

What possibly could go wrong?

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Well, Obama did say we have to spread the health around. For better or worse.

If they gave a Pultizer for unintended irony, this would surely be nominated. It was taken when Obama was campaigning for Obamacare. Remember the “doctors” in white coats?

(Yeah, I found it on an Occupy site. It’s rather hard to find. I think that’s because most news sites have all been purged of any picture that make Obama look moronic.

Which raises a question Is anyone saving important stuff or is it just going doen the “Memory hole”?

    platypus in reply to fmc. | October 15, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    You better believe some people are saving this crap. Old people tend to hoard useless or outdated stuff. This fits right in with those descriptors so I figured that’s a good use for my 1TB harddrive.

Just in from Carmen San Diego …

Where in the World is ‘Infectious Disease Czar’ Dr. Nicole Lurie ?

Branco fully captures the latest from CBS Dallas:

Amber Vinson (stage name?) “called the CDC several times before boarding the plane concerned about her fever and was told she was OK to board.”

Ebola on a plane? Hey, it’s OK! The CDC said so!

Frieden the Foney removed his lips from Dear Leader’s backside long enough to say:

“We will from this moment forward ensure that no other individual who is being monitored for exposure undergoes travel in any way other than controlled movement.”

That’s for us Americans, of course. Liberians? Come on over!

Anthony Branco hits another one out of the park! This captures the pulse of America yet again.