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Wisconsin “John Doe” Whistleblower stands by story of prosecutorial bias and reporter harassment

Wisconsin “John Doe” Whistleblower stands by story of prosecutorial bias and reporter harassment

Michael Lutz says gave same story of prosecutorial political bias to Journal Sentinel in 2012

Michael Lutz is the whistleblower who came forward to legal reporter Stuart Taylor with a story of political bias by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm in connection with the “John Doe” investigation of Scott Walker. Lutz then was outed as the source, after a mole hunt at the D.A.’s office, by Milawukee Journal Sentinel reporter Daniel Bice.

For background, see our prior posts:

Bice has admitted coming to Lutz’s door late at night, but denies loud banging or any other harassing conduct.

Lutz was interviewed this morning by Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes.  I will post the audio and transcript if and when available.

(added) Here is link to podcast:

Lutz is standing by his story both as to political bias in the prosecutor’s office and Bice’s late night visit.

In something of a bombshell, Lutz says that the story he gave Stuart Taylor about political bias he also gave to the Journal Sentinel in 2012 — something I don’t believe the Journal Sentinel disclosed when it went after Lutz’s credibility.

Here are tweets by Syke’s website, Right Wisconsin, as to the content of the interview:


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Interesting. I’m going back and forth between the latest news about Lutz/Chisholm (thanks to Legal Insurrection) and this article about The Soviet Legacy: The Impact of Early Bolshevik Law Felt Up to the Present

I found the article by googling after watching a tribunal court in the Russian TV (2005) series based on “Dr. Zhivago.” In the tenth episode, there is a revolutionary tribunal in which the presiding judge says (in the English subtitles) “Have you read the Order of Comrade Danishevksy, Chairman of the Revolutionary Tribunal? It’s right here above our heads. Only in bourgeois courts is guilt associated with punishment. In our courts they are separate. And I think they will remain separate.”

It seems that Chisholm and his media comrades have been acting in the true spirit of the revolution. There are certain social goals, and individual guilt or innocence is a separate issue from the matter of attaining them.

I’ve really been wondering how the Journal Sentinel figured out it was him, what abuse from a very abusive bunch of people, or perhaps failure of operational security on his side.

Now we know: since he had previously gone to them, under the condition of confidentiality, they knew exactly where to go when the same story surfaced in another venue.

And therefore they burned their own source. Which violates what is supposed to be a sacred principle of these principled, professional journalists. Who as the Instapundit has been pointing out are better viewed as Democratic operatives with bylines.

[…] Maybe it’s time to abolish Wisconsin’s “unusual” legislation regarding secret John Doe prosecutions, used effectively to chill free political speech during the Scott Walker run for governor. Will this be a priority for a successfully reelected Governor Walker? Case in point @LegalInsurrection. […]

pretty obviously Wis J-S isn’t an unbiased reporting source, and Bice is a partisan

Thank you Stuart Taylor for writing this story. It is about time that some light is shed on the incredible bias of the local paper and the Milwaukee D.A.’s office. Lois Learner would be proud of them!

Dan Bice – “Watchdog”? more like “lap dog” or political “guard dog” for the dems. Wonder if he will “out” his source from the D.A.’s office for all the leaks during the recall election? I am sure who ever it was – they are beyond reproach!

Here’s a thought – “open records request- 2011 – 2012” – Coleen Chisholm – wonder if there is any political messages being sent during the school day on the government e-mail system?