The Politico/GWU Battleground 2014 Poll has been released.

Guy Benson at Hot Air has the details, including a 4 point Republican advantage on the generic ballot.

Battleground Poll 2014 Generic Ballot Chart

But one particular aspect could be more important than any: Voter intensity, reflective also of a massive 16 point generic ballot lead in states with closely contested Senate elections:

The vote intensity of Republican voters is strong – a net twelve-points more than their Democratic counterparts. Overall, sixty-two percent (62%) of voters say they are extremely likely to vote in the November elections. However, Republicans (69% extremely likely) outpace Democrats (57% extremely likely). In fact, this intensity advantage exceeds where Republicans were in the September 2010 Battleground Poll.

In addition, Republicans hold a four-point advantage (46%-42%) on the generic Congressional ballot. In states with a competitive US Senate race, Republicans hold a sixteen point advantage (52%-36%) on this generic ballot. Not only are Republicans getting stronger support on the generic ballot from “hard” Republicans (93%) than Democrats are getting from “hard” Democrats (89%), “soft” Republicans are voting a net sixteen-points stronger for the generic Republican on the ballot than “soft” Democrats are voting for the generic Democrat. By any measure, Republicans are fired up and ready to deliver victories to their candidates in November, with of the strong backing of Independent (+15-points) and middle class voters (+11-points).

I haven’t seen any Remember November videos in this cycle. Perhaps they’re not needed to motivate Republicans this time around.

This is from October 2010: