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A new song for the High Holidays by Moishey Ney

My son-in-law, Moishey Ney, is blessed with a wonderful voice and musical talent.

He composed and sang this song “Repentance” in honor of the Jewish High Holidays.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year starts this evening and begins a ten day period of repentance that culminates with Yom Kippur, a week from Saturday.


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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Thank you for posting your son-in-law’s song, David. I found it stirring and prayerful.

Beautiful. L’shana tova, Professor.

Thank you for posting this song. It is very sound and very beautiful, and I say this as a Christian… it is very prayerful.

The words are truly beautiful and it indicates a man who is faith-filled which seems to be something very rare these days.

It is a song that resonates and stirs the soul because it is a song for all who love the Lord.

How wonderful! What a voice.

Please ask Moishey if he will let you post the lyrics. I’d love to listen and read at the same time, so I can pray and sing along.

Happy New Year! Shalom, G-D’s peace and all blessings.