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Not falling for that one again

Not falling for that one again

Actually, I didn’t fall for it the first time.

From reader Xmas:

Seen in Worcester, MA

I thought you guys would like this.


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Must be the pseudonymous name of Joe Biden, Ben Dover.

Yeah yeah, booooo.

Bu-but he does that every time he opens his mouth, with and in this regime

    Umm, just in case, Dover IS the capital of Delaware..

    creeper in reply to JP. | September 22, 2014 at 9:22 am

    I read a model airplane forum, moderated by a retired Lutheran minister. Several years ago a fellow signed up for the board with the name “Ben Dover”. Walt, the moderator, was positive it was a troll, so he did some serious research.

    Yes, there IS a real Ben Dover.

Nice … a contemporary version of BOHICA.

Y’all are a pretty funny bunch of demented characters.

I remember that was Johnny Carson’s Dr.s’ name …Al Bendova.