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Gov’t: We can secure the border, just like the White House (oh, wait)

Gov’t: We can secure the border, just like the White House (oh, wait)

White House intruder – Whoa

From WaPo:

The man who jumped over the White House fence and sprinted through the main floor of the mansion could have gotten even farther had it not been for an off-duty Secret Service agent who was coincidentally in the house and leaving for the night.

The agent who finally tackled Omar Gonzalez had been serving on the security detail for President Obama’s daughters and had just seen the family depart via helicopter minutes earlier. He happened to be walking through the house when chaos broke out and the intruder dashed through the main foyer, according to two people familiar with the incident.

Gonzalez, 42, was the first person in modern memory to jump over the White House fence and get into the mansion, largely the result of a failure of numerous layers of Secret Service security on the northern fence line.

Though the Secret Service initially said that Gonzalez was quickly detained inside the front door, The Washington Post reported Monday that the man actually made it well into the house before he was tackled on the far southern side of the 80-foot-long East Room.


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Fun fact: As you might imagine, there are panic buttons for guards to slap to alert other security personnel there has been some kind of breach and that it is still ongoing. According to that Washington Post piece, the White House Usher – kind of like a Butler in Chief, ensuring that all the residential needs of the First Family are met – was distressed that malfunctions were leading to noisy false alarms, so the usher simply had the alarms turned off.

Which was, of course, pure brilliance.

Need to beef up the fence. Dig a trench 8 feet down and 16 feed across with an 10 foot wall on the inside. Put steel stakes on the bottom under 1 foot of water. Doubt that anyone would be able to jump over that fence and enter the White House.

Wonder if someone would be able to kill the Tyrant using a 50 BMG and shooting from 500 yards like that other guy did.

I heard on WTOP (103.5 FM) news that this guy overpowered a female secret service agent during his travels in the White House.

That takes some doing… hmmm.

I say that we should bring fence jumpers like Omar Gonzalez out of the shadows of our society. He should be allowed to remain in the White House and bring his family. On the White House lawn we should be leaving food, water, and teddy bears for anyone trying to come across. Children of adults who cross the White House fence should be given free college (a DREAM Act for fence jumpers). And law enforcement officials who catch suspected fence jumpers should not be allowed to ask for an ID, much less arrest them.

Comprehensive White House fence reform NOW!

And then there’s this:

A security contractor with a gun and three prior convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with President Obama during a Sept. 16 trip to Atlanta, violating Secret Service protocols, according to three people familiar with the incident.

The incident occurred as Obama visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss the U.S. response to the Ebola crisis.

In the very best of hands.

Shhhhh. Everybody just shut the hell up about Secret Service screwups. Shhhhhh.