A woman was beheaded by a fired co-worker, who recently had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam. Because the ISIS beheadings are so much in the news, one has to wonder if the perp was motivated by those beheadings, as opposed to “going postal” and using a firearm or just stabbing people.

From USA Today:

A newly fired employee at a food processing plant in Moore, Okla., allegedly stabbed and beheaded a 54-year-old front office worker, police said Friday, according to local media.

Police said the FBI was asked for assistance in the case because of the “manner of death” of the victim and reports from co-workers that the suspect, 30-year-old Alton Nolen, had recently started trying to convert several employees to Islam.

Nolen had just been fired from Vaughan Foods on Thursday afternoon when he drove to the front of the building, hit another vehicle and walked inside, according to police, KFOR-TV reports.

“Nolen encountered (fellow worker Colleen) Hufford with a knife,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with the Moore Police Department. “During the attack, Nolen severed the victims head.”

Local television reports:

Jonah Goldberg wrote last week, Do-It-Yourself Jihadism (via Instapundit):

On Thursday, Australian authorities claimed they thwarted a plot by supporters of the Islamic State to grab random people off the street and then behead the captured citizens on videotape. Australia’s attorney general said that the massive raid, the largest counterterrorism operation in the nation’s history, involving more than 800 police officers and raids of at least twelve properties, was necessary because, “If the . . . police had not acted today, there is a likelihood that this would have happened.” …

Now, the fact that the Islamic State didn’t do this is a little encouraging. It suggests that it’s either unwilling to cross that Rubicon quite yet or it has reason to believe that few people would follow through on the public command, making it look weak. That’s all to the good.

But there’s too much potential bad news here as well.

For starters, it’s hardly as if such people do not exist in the West. The fact that, collectively, thousands of Europeans, Canadians, and Americans have gone to Syria and Iraq for “jihadi tourism” is also an indicator that people willing to do such things live here. It would be nice to think they’ve all left for jihad abroad, but that seems unlikely.

I would not be surprised if we see many more such beheadings by lone wolves motivated by ISIS-style ideology.

We may be entering the age of Going ISIS.