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False Equivalence Week at College Insurrection

False Equivalence Week at College Insurrection

Join us for another journey into the crazy world of higher education.

Have you noticed that some people get away with making unfair comparisons on TV…

While other people make fair distinctions and get attacked?

Some people don’t want anyone to talk at all.

Luckily, some people believe in free speech.

The anniversary of 9/11 was last week. Some students knew about it. Others didn’t.

By the way, what is going on at Notre Dame?

I’m noticing a trend.

BDS update:

This week’s history lesson is brought to you by Prager University.

Higher ed bubble update.

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Finally, the week in stupid news.

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It is truly disturbing that collage students are so completely uniformed but I want to give some credit to the young man in the Colombia hat who while being completely uninformed did have an appropriate reaction to the information about the be-headings of American journalists. Maybe there is some hope that despite the education system doing it’s best to mislead the public that people still understand right from wrong and just need someone, anyone, to tell them the truth!

Why is Ronan Farrow even a TV host to begin with? What are his qualifications? He laid in bed at night and listened through the wall while his step-dad molested his adopted sister?

Looking at the comments on the Prager youtube video confirms for me just how far we’ve fallen. We have 3 generations of children who have absolutely no appreciation for history and believe we could have just blockaded Japan into surrender. It’s sad really how lacking understanding these kids really are.