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Eugene, is that really you?

Eugene, is that really you?

So unexpected

Dear Professor Jacobson,

Spotted in the People’s Republic of Eugene, Oregon, . . .


Oregon Mike


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Yes, this really is true of MANY of us.

We are not the ones making the news with silly protests, and whining, we just go about our lives, trying to keep a low profile, and paying taxes so the whiners, LIV’s and lazy can sit back and enjoy the fruits or our labors…

Wikipedia lists six active militia groups in Oregon, which is more than most states. They probably wander into Eugene on occasion, to resupply.

Or maybe Eugene is more conservative than Portland?

I think the lumber towns in the coastal range and cascades have plenty of guys that have target practice with Spotted Owl targets (of course never a live one).

Eugene makes Berkeley look like a tea party stronghold.

Eugene is next to Springfield. Birkenstock wearers, anarchists and the professionally homeless best not stray to far off the Amazon trail.