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Did Wendy Davis really have a debate “meltdown”?

Did Wendy Davis really have a debate “meltdown”?

Let’s try to be fair and balanced here.

Some parts of the internet consider this to be a “meltdown”:

Is meltdown a fair characterization?

Is Wendy Davis the first politician to melt down embarrass herself so badly in a highly watched debate?

Can Wendy Davis recover from this meltdown performance considering her prior meltdowns inconsistent life stories damaged her credibility?

Will her debate meltdown performance help her shift the narrative away from being a single issue candidate, to a candidate who melts down rises to the occasion when asked tough questions?

Let’s be fair about it.

[Featured Image Source: ABC13 Video]


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No meltdown. I fell for the click-bait last week and was disappointed it didn’t live up to the title.

Sure, she was robotic and stupid and his counter nailed her to the wall. She broke the rules she had agreed to earlier and responded out of turn and time.

But no meltdown.

Still a selfish carpetbagging idiot though.

Wendy Davis took an axe and gave her campaign forty whacks.

When she saw what she had done she gave her state forty-one.

Wait I am confused. Isn’t she the one that had an abortion during the debate?

I saw the headline on Twitter- Wendy Davis Meltdown.
After watching the video my reaction was- is that it?

She seemed to overspeak the moderator about twice as long as many politicians do in a debate. It was noticeable and extended and almost nothing she said was clear during the cross talk.

    That was pretty much the worst you can ever see a candidate in a public debate.

    She had a robotic talking points question that wasn’t even a question. Then she tried to shout down the moderator so she could spew more talking points. I literally have NEVER seen a candidate rebuked like that by a moderator.

    She’s a terrible candidate. She’s a Northeast Blue State liberal trying to win in Texas. She’s Elizabeth Warren outside a liberal stronghold – a laughable joke.

I am on the fence about it, her voice seemed to spike up as if under stress when she tried to reply.

No, not a meltdown. Just rude, crude, and incredibly stupid. How do these kind of people get to positions of power? I don’t understand us, the voters, sometimes.

This is not a “meltdown”.

She apparently took debating lessons from the Wasserman-Schultz.

why didn’t wendy bring up 0bama… and how much she idolizes him and worships him like the messiah… and loves 0bamacare

all you need to destroy dems in election is: 0bamacare

A Democrat who ignores the rules. Why is this newsworthy?

Is she Depends-able ?

Are bouts of hysteria back in style?

No Meltdown. What I saw was a desperate candidate who realizes they have already lost the election and was going for a gotcha moment that backfired horribly. She is so out of her depth when dealing with Abbott, but then again she would be out of her depth in a parking lot puddle.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Gremlin1974. | September 21, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    That’s what I saw too. A losing candidate trying anything to get a spark going, something, anything.

    She broke the rules and needs a good spanking.

She would have won the debate if Candy Crowley was the moderator…