Someone who will be mortified that I am citing him asks this question:


Good question, though I don’t think the answer is correct:

…. So if what we’re reading is accurate, I’d say the narrative is this: man with a rap sheet converts to Islam in prison — where Islamic identity is, to some extent, like gang membership (as is white supremacism). He’s not the most stable person and Internet calls to violence speak to him. But it’s hard to know whether something else would have made him snap sooner or later….

However, the right is going to tell us between now and November that eight-year-old Central Americans surrendering to the Border Patrol equal a beheading by a guy born in Oklahoma who never got closer to a Middle Eastern battlefield than a high-speed Internet connection could take him — and America, I fear, will believe them. Will the GOP win all the close Senate races as a result? If so, I won’t be surprised.

I don’t think the Oklahoma beheading in itself will have any impact on the elections. With multiple ISIS beheadings of Americans all over the news, and with tales of ethnic and religious cleansing, torture and rape on a massive scale common knowledge, the beheading factor already is baked into the electoral cake.

Obama’s policy towards radical Islam and foreign policy generally has failed. The Middle East is as big a mess as it has been in several decades, maybe ever.

Our President just went to the U.N. and equated a disputed shooting in Ferguson, MO, with ISIS mass terror.  That’s the problem.

The problem is not the Oklahoma beheading, it’s an out of touch President, a polarizing Attorney General who finally is resigning, and an administration which picks and chooses its outrage in divisive ways:

(Tweet via Michelle Malkin)

That’s why Democrats in close races are afraid to be seen with Obama, and run for cover at the sound of his name.

Joni Ernst and other Republicans have made great progress against Democrats for reasons having nothing to do with the Oklahoma beheading.

It is too convenient and too typical for Democrats to try to turn a potential election loss into an act of alleged bigotry. We have been seeing that sad routine since the day Obama was elected, where every policy difference gives rise to a false accusation of racism.

It is unclear at this moment whether Republicans will retake the Senate, although the prospects are looking better.

A Republican victory in November will be a reaction to Barack Obama, not Alton Nolen. Deal with it.

[Featured image via Power Line, originally from Nolen’s Facebook page]


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