She’s a football flip-flopper, professing love for the Cowboys only when convenient, via Houston Chronicle:

The Abbott camp highlighted this KTCK-AM radio interview in which Davis said she grew up cheering for the Cowboys and will be doing so again this year:

It contrasted that statement with Vogue interview in which Davis’ daughter described her as a Patriots fan and a shot of a “Go Pats!” comment on Facebook by Davis.

Elsewhere Davis actually continues to struggle:

As a feisty state senator with pink sneakers and a fist in the air, Wendy Davis captured both the love and the ire of America last year when she pulled an 11-hour filibuster of anti-abortion measures in the Texas Capitol.

But after using that star power to win her party’s nomination for governor, Davis is still struggling to take a lead over Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, and some say party confidence in her race is waning.

“I think the frustration in some Democratic circles is that, despite her star power and substantial war chest, she has not been able to move the dial against Greg Abbott after a year on the campaign trail,” Mark Jones, political science professor at Rice University in Houston, told

Even the high-profile, abuse-of-power indictment of Republican Gov. Rick Perry, whom Davis hopes to replace, didn’t seem to hurt Abbott or raise the Democrat’s profile over the media din.