Upon hearing the news of Eric Holder’s resignation from the Department of Justice yesterday, NBC’s Chuck Todd took to the airwaves and claimed that Holder is a very non-political person.

Media bias is one thing. The utter dismissal of reality is another.

Brendan Bordelon of National Review has the details:

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Self-Professed Activist Eric Holder ‘a Very Non-Political Person’

The host of NBC’s Meet the Press considers resigning attorney general Eric Holder — who once proudly declared himself an “activist attorney general,” called America a “nation of cowards” about race and took heat from his own White House for pursuing politically sensitive initiatives –  ”a very non-political person.”

“He did a lot of the tough stuff that you would say, ‘Hey, the attorney general has to do tough stuff, this is not a forgiving job, you have to do tough stuff,’” Chuck Todd told MSNBC’s Tamron Hall on Thursday. “But, what’s interesting about him, he is a very non-political person. And I think people used to mistakenly think that this guy was this long-time political operative who happened to be an attorney general. That’s not him at all.”

Todd’s declaration set off a firestorm on Twitter.

Twitchy compiled a number of tweets on the subject:

If you doubt that someone who covers national politics for a living could say such a thing with a straight face, there is video evidence.