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Aleister’s Top 10 Posts of College Insurrection’s Sophomore Year

Aleister’s Top 10 Posts of College Insurrection’s Sophomore Year

College Insurrection just turned two years old. Can you believe it?

It seems like just yesterday when I first spoke to William Jacobson on the phone about the creation of College Insurrection, which went live on August 22, 2012.

Here we are two years later and still going strong, running at close to a million page views annually.

Last year, we celebrated College Insurrection’s birthday with a Top 10 Post. This year, we’re doing two! You can read my top 10 below. Leslie Eastman, who wrote at College Insurrection for most of last year will offer hers tomorrow.

Without further delay, here are my top 10 picks from the last year…

10. I wonder why she didn’t accept?

Harvard University offers job to Hillary Clinton

9. Income inequality…

Yale president’s house to get $17 million renovation

8. This post exemplified so much of what’s wrong with higher education today.

Middlebury College Student Destroys 9/11 Memorial

7. So did this one.

Shameful Display: CUNY Students chase David Petraeus yelling “war criminal”

6. Someone turn on the Bat Signal!

College Student arrested for wearing “Joker” make-up to class

5. Bwahahahahahaha!!!

Student Laments ‘Lack of Leftist Discourse’ at Amherst College

4. Also funny…

Video: Harvard Students Can’t Name Capital of Canada

3. When America lost its favorite professor.

TV’s Most Famous Professor Dies at Age 89

2. Sad and silly…

Women of Wellesley College Freaked Out by Statue of Nearly Naked Man

1. Sometimes the headlines just write themselves.

Duke Student Who Works in Porn is a Women’s Studies Major

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Leslie’s top 10 and please join me and my new College Insurrection colleagues Casey Breznick and Nathaniel Hunter as we head into Junior year.


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