For my thoughts, see my post in 2012, 9/11/01 and Memory.

This audio still is what I remember the most.

It was Melissa Harrington Hughes:

The message was for her husband:

Melissa Harrington Hughes, Floor 101

Melissa, 31, was only in New York for one day to oversee her software firm’s merger.

She made a tearful call home to husband Sean Hughes in San Francisco – but missed him as he was still in bed.

The message she left said: “I just wanted to let you know I love you and I’m stuck in this building in New York.

“There’s lots of smoke and I just wanted you to know I love you always.”

Minutes after the impact she called her dad Bob, who had to get her to calm down so he could understand her.

He hadn’t seen the news yet but when he turned on a bulletin while on the phone, the true extent of his daughter’s terrifying ordeal became clear.

She did manage to speak with her father that morning.

The sound of the PASS (Personal Alert Safety System) alarms worn by firemen, which continued chirping after the buildings collapsed, each one representing a life lost. I never have been able to erase that sound from my memory:


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