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Sounds like a plan

Sounds like a plan

From Tony at Redneck Republic in my former home State of Rhode Island and [do you know the rest of the State’s name?]:

This is the Tailgate of a Chevy 4X4.

I took the Pic just a few hours ago Riverside Rhode Island.

Started jawin’ with the owner, another riled Redneck with plenty to say bout Government.

Bumper Stickers - Riverside RI - Gods Guns Guts

Bumper Stickers - Riverside RI - Rhode Island Wheel Deal Steal

Bumper Stickers - Riverside RI - Dont Steal


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Not bad…twenty days’ worth of pithy bumper stickers on one vehicle.

My favorite: “Second Amendment, Defender of the Rest”

He’s also got a Florida Gators bumpersticker! 🙂

That’s one miffed Rhode Islander! May there be many more.

I’m impressed by the thoughtful symmetry of the display.

“State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” I lived in Riverside for a time.