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Equal opportunity

From Tim and Laura:

Interesting if somewhat impolite sentiments. In an interesting place.

A bright purple Thai food truck parked at a remote intersection in the deep Interior of Alaska.

Photo taken by myself, Glenallen Alaska July 30th 2014.

Most of the rest of the truck was non political.

Alaska has some fascinating politics going on right now.

I saw one set of campaign signs that read “Want more Salmon? Vote for ______”, and another set that seemed creepily reminiscent of recent “Britain First” media.

Odd place politically. Fabulous in all other respects.

You can follow their Alaskan adventure at Tim’s blog.

Bumper Sticker -  Glenallen, Alaska - Full food truck


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“Levitation Project” bumper sticker: I think that is a meditation cult that claims the ability to levitate.

Alaska is a great state and salmon is much better for you than say…beef. Just saying!

EBL, Come’on…

I am also not a sexist.

I think Hillary Clinton is a damn fool too.

EBL…continued…Alaska is a frozen tundra, and when it isn’t a frozen tundra it is home to mosquitoes the size of small aircraft. Alaska is about the only state of the nation where nature will readily kill you for just sitting there…most likely by freezing you to death if you get too lazy, but if you get too slow and/or inattentive you learn the down-side of not being at the top of the food chain. Alaska is an INTERESTING place and very nice to visit for an adventure you can’t find anywhere else…and it is hard to beat salmon that, literally, just came out of the water.