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Liberty Rising Week at College Insurrection

Liberty Rising Week at College Insurrection

Another dispatch from the world of higher education.

A new generation of liberty loving kids is growing on college campuses.

A certain amount of push back from these young people should be expected.

Some students didn’t get the memo.

And some students… well…

Due process on campus is still an ongoing issue.

Always read the fine print.

Someone needs to call California.

Maybe this is why so many students are unprepared for college.

Political correctness gone wild.

And now, a history lesson.

And a tragic update.

The week in stupid news.

And finally, this week’s heroes on campus.

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If I were sending another male off to college, I would pay him NOT to join a Greek fraternity.

My son, grandson and nephews joined service fraternities and did well academically, did sports, music, etc. Thankfully, no one got on drugs, became an alcoholic, or got anyone pregnant…and all are good honest taxpayers and parents – thankfully none are jobless now.

The photo of the Duke Lacrosse team reminds me – did you know Obama/Holder/Sharpton has sent the IRS after the player with the deepest pockets – seeking 6.5 million $$$$!!!!

What spiteful vengeful petty little racist A$$e$ run our government. May their chickens come home to roost very soon.