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Israel’s neighborhood and why Netanyahu was right on the ceasefire

Israel’s neighborhood and why Netanyahu was right on the ceasefire

The brutal neighborhood in which Israel lives extends beyond Gaza, and so must the strategy.

Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, commented the other day:

“There’s a longstanding conventional wisdom that Israel doesn’t do well in wars of attrition,” said Michael B. Oren, an Israeli historian and a former ambassador to the United States. “That overlooks a broader historical view that Israel’s entire existence has been a war of attrition, and we’ve won that war.”

In the neighborhood in which Israel lives, Hamas is not even the worst actor, although it is pretty bad.

Israel could not afford to have that never-ending war of attrition wear itself out in Gaza.

What could be achieved against Hamas in Gaza without being bogged down in a multi-year reoccupation, and without unacceptable outcomes such as bombing Hamas’ headquarters underneath Shifa Hospital, was achieved.

All the critics from left and right should understand that there are other threats on the horizon.

The war of attrition continues, and has to be managed wisely.

[Featured Image: Times of Israel homepage, 8-28-2014 6:25 p.m. Eastern]


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Every day, Israel walks a tight-rope. It has won every war, every day.

You can tell because there are still Israelis.

Michael Oren’s “6 Days of War” is a total resource of the Arab -Israeli war. He’s a smart, straight, and honest Jew defending the real historic record. Highly recommended

My concern is that if Israel doesn’t reoccupy the Gaza territory, the next one in will be ISIS.

    WTD in reply to janitor. | August 29, 2014 at 7:27 am

    Regarding Michael Oren’s clarity and the idea of re-occupying Gaza . . .what follows is a transcript from a radio program titled “How Israel handles itself in the Middle East is a challenge to Jewish morality, says renowned historian Professor Michael B Oren”. . . .

    “Ariel Sharon decided two years ago that Israel must withdraw from the Gaza Strip, and so in the summer of 2005 I donned my uniform again as a reservist and participated in the operation to remove 21 Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip and 8100 inhabitants. Those residents regarded Gaza as the Jew’s god-given patrimony, a gift which no government had the right to reject, and then the question arose, could this rift be spanned? Could Israel survive it? I was not sure.

    On the morning I walked into the first of those settlements, with 500 Israeli soldiers, and the settlers set fire to the gate on fire so that we had to wait until an armoured bulldozer came and broke it down. We poured into the settlement and the residents pelted us with sacks of paint and assailed us wearing the yellow star of the ghetto, calling us Nazis. The settlers then barricaded themselves into the synagogue and would not come out, and finally the commander of my unit reached an agreement with the rabbi of the settlement that they would pray the afternoon prayer and then they would come out, and line up and go on buses. But they did not come out. That poor commander had to make the difficult decision any Jewish officer could make: to break into the synagogue with a sledgehammer. So we broke into that synagogue with a sledgehammer, and what greeted us in there was the most difficult scene I’ve ever encountered in my thirty years of army service. There were 100 Jews lying on the floor, wailing and screaming, clutching Torah scrolls, clutching pews, crying out for God to save them. And some of these Israeli officers, many of who were pilots and commando, fell as if they’d been hit by bullets. And for a while there we weren’t sure who was evacuating whom as some of the settlers came to help the soldiers who had been stricken and fell down. And it took hours to literally tear these people away from these Torah scrolls and physically to carry them on to buses. And I was not sure that we could survive this as a people, as a state.”

    Such is his moral compass.

Call me a cynic, but ISIS marching loyal Assad troops to their execution… isn’t that exactly what the Obama administration wants them to do? Literally, what’s wrong with this picture?

Of course its side activities in Iraq seem inconvenient, but against Assad, this is exactly what the US has been hoping for all this time… right?

The Islamic State is moving rapidly toward a position from which they can take the Golan Heights. There is no more pressing issue for Netanyahu and the IDF; he was correct to at least try to disengage in Gaza with that likelihood in Istael’s immediate future.

And our leaders (??) need to start considering more effective ordinance – fuel-air bombs would be a good start!

    Edgehopper in reply to Walker Evans. | August 29, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    The thing about Obama’s line that ISIS is the “JV squad” is that he was technically right, but missed the implications. A JV squad can obliterate a novice squad (the Iraqi military) or a squad that doesn’t want to play (civilians), and can defeat a squad without equipment (the Peshmerga). They can even beat a varsity squad that doesn’t take them seriously (U.S. Intelligence).

    Both the Israeli military and the U.S. military, fighting in earnest, could utterly destroy ISIS’s capacity to make war. For that matter, Israel can utterly destroy Hamas and Hezbollah’s ability to make war. But absent a sufficient threat, the world won’t let them. The Golan Heights could be that kind of threat.

    Of course, if Obama had a heart, a brain, or courage, he’d be negotiating furiously with European allies to get a coalition together to recognize the independent state of Kurdistan. Provoke the major conventional war in Arabia now before it turns nuclear, and do so with a thoroughly just policy decision.

      TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Edgehopper. | August 30, 2014 at 12:26 am

      An independent Kurdistan would magnificently butt-hurt Turkey and Iran, and we all know that Øbama and Valerie Jarrett wouldn’t want that.

TrooperJohnSmith | August 30, 2014 at 12:24 am

One has to wonder why ANYONE surrenders to ISIS!