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Islamists gone wild: Pool party at seized US Embassy Annex in Libya

Islamists gone wild: Pool party at seized US Embassy Annex in Libya

Islamists who seized US Embassy compound in Tripoli throw massive pool party, South Beach style.

At least they know how to have fun? According to the Washington Times:

Islamists who gained control of a U.S. Embassy residential compound in Libya last week posted a video online of the men throwing a spring break-like pool party at the property.

A commander for the umbrella Islamist militia group, the Dawn of Libya, told The Associated Press that his fighters had been in control of the compound since last week. The group granted access to the compound to an AP reporter, who said some windows had been broken, but most of the equipment there appeared to remain untouched. The journalist saw treadmills, food, televisions and computers still inside.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones tweeted that the video appeared to have been shot in at the embassy’s residential annex, AP reported.

The video (which nauseatingly spins from side to side) shows a group men diving off a balcony into the pool below:

Earlier this morning, several news outlets reported that Libyan militia entered the US Embassy complex to secure the premises. Reuters reports:

Members of a Libyan rebel militia have entered an annex of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli but have not broken into the main compound where the United States evacuated all of its staff last month, a U.S. official said on Sunday.

It was not immediately known how close the annex, apparently made up of diplomatic residences, is to the embassy itself. Libya has been rocked by the worst factional violence since the 2011 fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

The United States evacuated its embassy in Tripoli on July 26, driving diplomats across the border into Tunisia. A rebel takeover of the compound would now deliver another symbolic blow to U.S. policy toward Libya, which Western governments fear is teetering toward becoming a failed state.

The U.S. government believes the main embassy compound is still intact and has not been taken over, the U.S. official in Washington told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Hopefully the annex party goers learned an important life lesson today — when you post your party pics to social media, you can expect the authorities to show up and kill the party.

[The word “Annex” was added to the title to clarify that it is not the Embassy itself.]

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This time in Tripoli. Damn you and your Innocence of Muslims video, Nakoula.

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was unavailable for comment.

A single 2000lb JDAM would do the trick.

David R. Graham | August 31, 2014 at 6:23 pm

A US Embassy and compound are sovereign US property. This is another invasion of the US on the so-called watch of the Crack Head occupying the White House. It is a reason for total war against the occupying force, prosecuted to that force’s unconditional surrender … in same times.

Where did obama draw that red line???

I wonder if any of those cats were in a picture with John McAnus…???

Do they know that the water is radioactive?

As far as I can tell they are video gamers and anime/manga readers, just turned adult raised in Muslim families post 9/11. The operate like a hive, a mass of conforming lifestyle and “ideals”, I say “ideals” in quotes, because they are mock ideals, not reality based, like the ideals one has when playing a video game, or being absorbed in the crafted fictions of a heroic anime.

Likewise they have a mock religion, although it is fanatic, and real in how they employ it in the real world, it would be unlikely to stand the test of time, even in their own lifetimes. The “rebel” imagination of youthful adults, that while supportable for a decade or two of one’s life, eventually gets crushed by reality.

Yet, they have a analog in the West, that analog is of the Sixties generation, the anti-Vietnam war, free love, rock and rollers who rebelled against the long established ideals, ideals once held by all in the West from liberal, to conservative, from Bircher to Communist, from cosmopolitan secularist to bible belter. Respect for the law, for marriage, for honesty in finances, for equal standing in the justice system for all, valuing great literature and traditions of intellectual endeavor tracing back thousands of years — these were common ideals. The rebel cohort of the late Sixties and early Seventies committed to achieving power and embedded themselves into the positions of power, and today we are in harvest of the fruit of their labors. A bitter harvest of chaos and ruin.

In their parallel places and time-lines this young hive-mob of an Islamic State will likewise flounder and self-destruct, but it may not be for sixty years or even longer … if left to their own way and not erased by massive counter-force wielded ruthlessly.

I think they represent the last or next-to-last generation of Islam.

Yet to oppose them weakly, or even in any measure-for-measure way would only make them stronger, would force them to learn to adapt and mature into a very fearsome and stable state.

History must have some other parallel cases, besides the one of the Western radicals of the 60’s and 70’s.

JackRussellTerrierist | September 1, 2014 at 1:26 am

An all boys party, eh (;) 😉 ?

How fun it would be to swim in a burka.