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Is Joe Biden Running for President in 2016?

Is Joe Biden Running for President in 2016?

Think of the potential for entertainment.

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It’s fun to think about how the media would drive itself crazy trying to choose sides between Joe and Hillary. On one hand, Hillary is a woman and the media’s expected inheritor of the presidency. On the other hand, Biden is part of the Obama administration.

Justin Sink of The Hill recently reported:

Biden fuels ’16 talk with New Hampshire visit

Vice President Biden will head to New Hampshire next week for an event on the economy that is certain to intensify speculation that he is readying a bid for the presidential nomination in 2016.

Biden will be joined at the Wednesday event in Portsmouth by members of Congress, the White House said in a statement.

The attendees at the event could include Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who is locked in a tough reelection fight against former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.). Shaheen did not meet with Biden during his last trip to the state, a fact that was highlighted by the state’s GOP.

The vice president’s trip comes as other possible presidential contenders also announced their intention to head to the early-voting state.

No one is more excited about the prospect of a Biden run than Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post:

Run, Joe, run!

Imagine if Obama gets fed up with the Hillary-Bill show again. In a single press conference or just one interview on The View he can give the nod to Biden. Obama’s not moving the country, but the Democratic base still hangs on his every word. If he wants Joe Biden because Biden is the loyalist to protect his legacy, such as he thinks it is, would they balk? Throw in the liberal operators and consultants who cringe at Clinton’s missteps, Big Labor and gays grateful to Biden for getting the president off the dime, and you have a real base of support for the VP.

It would make some great political theater, that’s for sure.


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Why wouldn’t he run?

It’s shaping up to be a foreign policy election, and the media keeps telling him that’s his strength.

The GOP would love it. Biden is easy to beat. All he has to do is open his mouth. No GOP strategy would be needed.

I would love to see “plugs biden, the plagiarist” run. That might be the one thing that actually causes the liberal nightly shows to get off their butts and make fun of Biden, as he was far, far worse than Bush 43 in terms of his missteps and gaffes.

There’s a reason that we haven’t seen much of Biden since the “this is a big f*cking deal” comment was captured. Obama knows Biden is an albatross looking for a neck.

I would love to see it just because of the damage he would do to the Democrat Party and how goofy they would look when Hillary actually had to take the time and mop the floor with him, which she most certainly would do.

If Biden runs he won’t be a serious candidate.

They have to put some other names on the docket to run against Hilary, and fun-lovin’ Joe wouldn’t mind I’m sure.

It looks better for their chosen one if she beat her “peers” in a vote.

Drunken Uncle Joe is a flaming moron. please run him.

Shaheen must have tired of having to explain over and over that she doesn’t do events with Biden because he grabs her butt and calls her “Toots.”

The primary debates would be a riot but I’m afraid fauxcahontas and the hildebeest would just sit uncle Joe down.

I’m interesting in discovering who the “Biden Wing” of the democrat party consists of. Any ideas?