Remember back in 2010 when Obama urged Latinos to “punish our enemies?”

Illinois Democrat Luis Gutiérrez took that concept to a whole new level at a press conference about immigration reform this weekend.

Flanked by members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Gutiérrez offered remarks in English and then Spanish but his tone changed significantly in the second half.

Andrew Johnson of National Review has the details and the English translation:

Gutiérrez​ in Spanish Remarks: GOP ‘Want to Punish Our Community’

Representative Luis Gutiérrez​ (D., Ill.), one of the most prominent proponents of comprehensive immigration reform, offered a noticeably harsher message about Republicans when he switched to Spanish during a recent press conference.

Joining the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as the House awaits a vote on a border bill, Gutiérrez​ first spoke in English, criticizing Republicans’ approach to addressing the border crisis and accusing them of putting political gain over helping the unaccompanied children crossing the border. The remarks were critical, as one would expect; the furthest he went was to claim that Republicans speak about Hispanics “almost as though we are a vile, repugnant community to them that they vilify and demonize in every one of their statements.”

He then said he would make some remarks “en español.” …

The English translation:

They know he’s going to act soon — they want to maintain this crisis to condemn our community, a community without rights for our kids at this moment, our DREAMers, and for millions of others that the president has said he wants to help. That’s what they want. They want to punish our community, and that punishment will be met with an electoral punishment. Be assured that we are not going to forget the mistreatment our community has received.

Here’s the video:

So much for that “new tone” we were all lectured about.

Featured image via YouTube.


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