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“Death to Jews” at The Hague, and Nazi in Chicago

“Death to Jews” at The Hague, and Nazi in Chicago

Just another “pro-Palestinian” rally.

On July 26, we reported on anti-Semitic protests that had taken place in The Hague in which Death to Jews was shouted to the dismay of local officials.

This video of ISIS supporters shouting Death to Jews was posted on June 24. It’s not clear if it was the same protest, but it was the same chant, as reported by YNET News:

A protest in Holland, that was approved by the Dutch government and meant to be a peaceful demonstration against Israel’s Gaza operation and against the arrest of an Islamist operative, turned into a terrifying rally of hundreds of ISIS supporters.

The Dutch were shocked of the protest, and The Hague’s mayor was called to resign after his staff were the ones to approve the protest without realizing the danger it poses.

The Dutch were also shocked to see pictures posted by ISIS recently that show a Muslim Dutch national alongside severed heads of Syrian soldiers he murdered in cold blood.

Analysts estimated that the extremist organization was using this protest rally to recruit youths to its religious war in European cities.

Some 3,000 European youths of Muslim descent are believed to have joined ISIS for fighting in Syria and Iraq, some of which have already returned home after having trained with ISIS and murdered many.

Jonathan Hoenig has been photographing and filming an anti-Israel rally in Chicago today.

He tweeted out a flyer that was handed out:

It reminds me of the Nazi flyer posted by Vassar Students for Justice in Palestine.

As I’ve said many times, it usually doesn’t start Nazi, but if often ends there.

And if it doesn’t end there, it ends with Israel being called Nazi:

And just in case you had a doubt as to their goal:

You can see some of his other tweets, here, and here, and here, and here, and here.


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Anti-Zionism – Anti-Semitism it makes no difference. There result is the same. Dead Jews.

In the new multicultural tolerant Obummer environment, these murderous creeps now feel free to taunt Jews at the White House and in Chicago. The new KKK is perfectly acceptable to the Regime and the MSM. When will American Jews wake up and stop voting for Dems?

So the government that incarcerated Gregorious Nekschot and Geert Wilders for “hate speech” allowed anti-Israel propaganda because the people that murdered Theo van Gogh said they were going to behave…. Fail much?

So – where are the hate speech police?

Why don’t they talk about ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, AlQuaeda, etc. and the people, including children, buried alive, sold into slavery, decapitated, crucified by these despicable Islamists?

One cannot help but notice that most of the people at these anti-Semitic events are Islamists.

Not just the Jew. The hate of the left extends to all who wish or practice the Judeo-Christian ethic,

“The Jew is the gangrenous appendix in the body of mankind.” These words are taken from Robert Lifton’s book, The Nazi Doctors. They summarize the total enmification (the making into an enemy) of Jews by the Nazi government in the belief that Jewishness personifies physical disease in the body of humanity. The concept of homophobia, as used by progressives to psychodiagnose Christians, is a variation on the theme of government-sponsored total enmification. It is the progression from biopolitical enmification to psychopolitical enmification in America.

Rabbi Joseph Raksin shot dead on way to Miami shul

Local authorities are calling it ” a robbery that went badly,” but I don’t know. There have been swastikas painted with the name Hamas recently.
When authorities walk and beat around the bushes, the haters feel empowered.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to Exiliado. | August 10, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    I sure hope that Eric “Steadman” Holder and the Krazy Kid Kops at the United States Department of Just Us don’t trip over themselves getting to Miami to investigate the obvious intent of this crime.

    In before, “If Obama had a Rabbi…”

    Note: Sarcasm detected.

I’ve put on my guns again—that didn’t last long. This time, they will stay on.

Hell, no, on “Death to Jews”. Jews are Saturday people; after them comes Sunday people. Moreover, the Muslims are multi-tasking and killing the Sunday people before their much-desired genocide of the Saturday people is accomplished. The “moderate” Muslim, as ever, is silent. Sure, some of them in Iraq are making the right noises cuz their necks are also on the chopping block with the Sunday people and others that IS deems to be not de rigeur. They understand that meme about when they came for the other guy, I was silent; when they came for me, there was nobody left to speak.

Muslims are stone cold Nazis, and have been ever since somebody wrote the Koran and Amr Husseini, the not so grand mufti of Jerusalem, begged Hitler and Himmler to kill the Jews, faster please.

As for Europe, please, stop using the NT as the basis for your Jew-hatred. That is old; it is wrong; it is sinful. Jesus came to die … for all mankind, for us. He was meant to die. He is a Jew. We Christians worship a God who came to us a Jew, who died on the Cross, and rose again. He never called Himself Christian. HE IS A JEW, AND ALWAYS WILL BE. Blaming the Jews for God doing what God did for us is asinine. Set aside the Jew-hatred and recognize Israel as your elder brother without whom you have no foundation.

Soldiers of the Cross, stand up, stand with Israel. What have we to do with Mohammed? We have no part with the Mohammedan Pelagian heresy. We have no other foundation but Christ, who is of the seed of Israel.

Arise, the battle being fought in the valley of Megiddo awaits us. We know how the story ends: Jesus lives; the victory’s won; a new Jerusalem descends from the heavens.

Defend Israel, our elder brother, with every breath you take.

TrooperJohnSmith | August 10, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Deconstruction of Left-Think
1. Palestinians want self rule. Hamas elected to government.
2. Hamas fires Katyusa rockets into Israeli civilian areas.
3. Israel responds by blasting Islam-o-rocketeers.
4. Hamas moves rockets into Mosques, hospitals & UN buildings.
5. Hamas resumes indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians.
6. Israel responds by invading and taking out Hamas rockets.
7. Hamas moves more women, kids and kittens into harm’s way.
8. Innocents used as human shields die.
10. Left blames Israel. Only Israel.
11. Durks Durka immigrants in the West play the Antisemitism card.
12. Left cannot “offend Muslims” by pointing out obvious.
13. Some Lefty American & European Jews side with enemy.
14. 1938 Rears its ugly head again.

BannedbytheGuardian | August 10, 2014 at 9:42 pm

So the Dutch in the Fantasy Judicial Wunderland of The Hague are having anti Semitic rallies. Can’t their judges just stick their heads out of the window & say – Zee ist baad.

DINORightMarie | August 10, 2014 at 10:23 pm

Geert Wilders saw this coming, and was prescient, it seems, given what we are seeing today. (See his short film on the Islamization of Europe, especially Holland, here.

Will the West survive? Will we fall into another Dark Ages-like time period because we refused to snip this cancer early on – because our elected leaders were more concerned with themselves and small-ball power grabs than this new Nazi Islamo-fascism sweeping the globe? Will the USA be able to stand against this onslaught this time, given how far we’ve fallen?

Why not? We have an malignant clown for a president, who was raised by Jeremiah Wright. He hired another malignant clown as Secretary of Inebriation, who is also no friend of the Jews.

Hillary Clinton and her history of anti-Semitic remarks:

Typical Mohammedan family reunion oozing hate and racism and propaganda lies.

The bastards got to the gates of Vienna last time, and that was when Christians actually had stomach for a fight. Things may be a lot worse this time before they get better — IF they get better.