We have seen how on Twitter, and on the streets of Europe and elsewhere, the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement tells us how they really feel.

And how they really feel is that Israel must be destroyed. That’s not, of course, what they and their compatriots as groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, tell gullible students on campuses. On campuses, they talk about ending the “occupation,” but what they don’t say is that they consider all of Israel (not just the “West Bank”) to be occupied territory.

In Oakland, BDS protesters tried to stop a ZIM line ship from unloading. ZIM is associated in the public mind with Israel, but it’s only one-third owned by Israelis. J.E. Dyer at Liberty Unyielding has excellent background, Anti-Israel BDS nuttery at the port of Oakland on the people involved and the futility of the protests. And yes, there is a heavy socialist-communist element:

Oakland Block the Boat socialist banner

In this case, after a delay, the ship was unloaded anyway.

But not before dockworkers let it be known how they felt about these protesters interfering:

What’s important is to note that at the Oakland protests, Hamas flags were flown (image and Featured Image via Pro Israel Bay Bloggers)

Oakland Block the Boat sign Hamas

When they chant “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” what they really mean is: Destroy Israel.

Thank you for the clarity.