Wendy Davis supporters are pretty excited about her campaign for governor of Texas but when pressed to name one of her legislative accomplishments, they’re surprisingly silent.

Yehuda Remer of Truth Revolt sees a pattern:

Just as Hillary Clinton supporters were unable to name a single accomplishment of the former Secretary of State, Wendy Davis’ supporters are in the same boat.

A new video by Texans for Greg Abbott features an interviewer asking supporters of Davis at the 2014 Texas Democratic Convention what her greatest legislative achievements were.

Here’s the video:

Liberals are already preparing themselves for Wendy Davis to lose.

Jessica Grose of Slate recently wrote:

Even if She Loses in Texas, Wendy Davis Is a Win for America

Wendy Davis’ run for governor has always been a long shot. The Texas state senator rose to national prominence just a year ago when she filibustered an omnibus abortion restriction bill clad in bright pink sneakers. The event cemented Davis’ place as a feminist icon across America, but back in Texas, the bill eventually passed anyway.

Now, for all the support Davis’ campaign has received from fellow Democrats in Washington and elsewhere—former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm called her “Joan of Arc, standing up there for women all across the country”—she’s still running for governor of a deeply red state. That means that the issue that made her a national star—abortion—is one she can’t really touch back at home.

That sure sounds different than the tune Davis supporters were singing a few months ago, doesn’t it?