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WaPo: Obama Admin Was Warned About Border Crisis Last Year

WaPo: Obama Admin Was Warned About Border Crisis Last Year

“The administration did too little to heed those warnings.”

If you’re like most Americans, you may be wondering why the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border happened all at once. People want to know the cause and what could have been done to prevent it.

While answers have been scarce, the Washington Post has published a rather damning piece which claims that the Obama administration was warned ahead of time that this was going to happen.

David Nakamura, Jerry Markon and Manuel Roig-Franzia contributed to this report:

Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis

Nearly a year before President Obama declared a humanitarian crisis on the border, a team of experts arrived at the Fort Brown patrol station in Brownsville, Tex., and discovered a makeshift transportation depot for a deluge of foreign children.

Thirty Border Patrol agents were assigned in August 2013 to drive the children to off-site showers, wash their clothes and make them sandwiches. As soon as those children were placed in temporary shelters, more arrived. An average of 66 were apprehended each day on the border and more than 24,000 cycled through Texas patrol stations in 2013. In a 41-page report to the Department of Homeland Security, the team from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) raised alarms about the federal government’s capacity to manage a situation that was expected to grow worse.

The researchers’ observations were among the warning signs conveyed to the Obama administration over the past two years as a surge of Central American minors has crossed into south Texas illegally. More than 57,000 have entered the United States this year, swamping federal resources and catching the government unprepared.

The administration did too little to heed those warnings, according to interviews with former government officials, outside experts and immigrant advocates, leading to an inadequate response that contributed to this summer’s escalating crisis.

Steven Hayward of Powerline puts things in perspective:

Nothing Happens for No Good Reason

My great teacher of foreign policy and strategic studies, the late Harold Rood, had a simple maxim at the heart of his analytical technique: “Nothing happens for no good reason.” This maxim has come back to me watching the saga of the flood of “unaccompanied alien children” (as the government officially calls them) on our southern border. Everyone seems to be treating this as though it was a random or unpredictable event, like a hurricane or winter snowstorm, seemingly spontaneous, and building a momentum of its own.

It is extremely unlikely that this is a spontaneous phenomenon.

Democrats continue to paint the border crisis as a spontaneous humanitarian refugee situation but as new details emerge, it looks more and more like a planned event and something the White House knew was coming.


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The warning allowed obama and jarrett to plan on how best to use this upcoming event. I laugh when I read the criticism that “the administration did too little to heed those warnings,” which is simply a statement designed to deflect from the intentional results of obama’s policies.

nordic_prince | July 20, 2014 at 4:51 pm

“The administration did too little to heed not give a flying fig about those warnings.”


“President No Smidgen of Appeal took his time to consider the unintended consequences of any action on his part.” That is a paraphrase of what Josh Trying-to-be Earnest will say.

In other words, Barack Obama, Nobel Prize winner and distinguished Liar, knew about the situation all along and sought ways to blame Bush while concurrently letting his Amnesty agenda jump the shark fence.

More kabuki. And as usual, the WaPo is in with the conspirators.

This is all by design. Kids flood in; that in itself is inconsequential, as they can’t vote even if amnestied and given citizenship. But they will be followed by a flood of their “guardians”, all undocumented of course – and there will be no way for us meanies to stop it, as the press will consider it axiomatic that we just want to keep families separated (“think of the children!”). And, obviously, these guardians will be voters immediately after “immigration reform” is rammed through by one procedural trick or another. Then, as good Party voters, they can fulfill the Democratic dream of turning the US into a 1-party totalitarian paradise.

In other words, all is proceeding according to plan.

When there is no crisis from which to benefit, create one of your own. This has been planned to be used when needed to deflect attention from all of the scandals.

The fact that children may suffer and die only makes this a better crisis in the minds of this administration.

Uncle Samuel | July 20, 2014 at 5:38 pm

They were not warned of the crisis – they planned it.

    janitor in reply to Uncle Samuel. | July 20, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Exactly. First of all, Obama literally invited this. And for the past year, the administration has been funneling huge sums to crony organizations with fake church-sounding names, such as the Baptist Child and Family Services. Right before the news broke, Obama talked in his West Point commencement speech about a new role for the military and “refugees”. It sounded more than weird that day but now it makes perfect sense.

    It is as if this man is doing everything he can to undermine this country without stepping over the line so far that the sycophant media would get a clue and out the shenanigans.

    JerryB in reply to Uncle Samuel. | July 20, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Yep — planned. What we need to do is find the money. Somebody is paying to “harvest” (kidnap?) and transport the kids. Something like that doesn’t just happen spontaneously. Mexico is paid to open the border. Find the money.

      it used to be in your wallet. That is Obama’s operandi, use your opponents “money” against them.

      He is not taking those vacations because he is tired, he is taking them to rub it in your face.

      stevewhitemd in reply to JerryB. | July 20, 2014 at 10:54 pm

      Yup. Mexico’s southern border, the one they patrol so zealously, has suddenly become very porous. Guatemalan, Honduran and Salvardoran children are being escorted right up to the Rio Grande. It’s like a business, a machine.

      Wonder who set all that up? Wonder who in Mexico is benefiting? Who in Mexico is getting the money? Why isn’t Mexico closing its southern border, and why aren’t we quietly leaning on Mexico do that?

      Follow the money, my friends.

        Observer in reply to stevewhitemd. | July 21, 2014 at 9:01 am

        Mexico entered into a very public agreement with its southern neighbor Guatemala to open its border and allow the passage of central American “migrants” (i.e. illegal aliens) into and across Mexico, for the purpose of illegally entering the U.S. The terms of this agreement were reported in a few U.S. media sources, but ignored by most.

        Mexico has also been issuing special, 72-hour-only passes for these “migrants” to travel through Mexico. The passes are only good for 72 hours because Mexico does not want these “migrants” remaining in Mexico — that would burden Mexico and Mexican taxpayers. No, better to dump them on the U.S., whose taxpayers are used to being used as doormats for the world.

        Mexico’s economy is very dependent on the United States. There is no way that the Mexican government would have done this, and done it so publicly, without assurances from the Obama administration that the U.S. would not retaliate.

        Mexico’s active participation in the illegal alien invasion of the U.S. is clearly being done with the knowledge and approval of the Obama administration.

Obama didn’t “do too little,” he did nothing at all – because this was the entirely foreseeable result of his policies.

What he and his inner circle of Sooper Geniuses failed to realize was that foreigners considering taking advantage were smarter than he, and realized there would be a backlash and the policy would have to end. So they rushed to get here or send their kids quickly.

That was the big misjudgement. Obama never thought it would rise to crisis levels and force media attention. And even if it did, he assumed his media lapdogs would cover it up as they have all his other misdeeds.