We highlighted earlier this week The threatening face of anti-Israel boycotters in America.

Here’s another example.

The Capitol City Project attended an anti-Israeli protest in Washington D.C. today, and had a nice chat with an anti-Israel protester carrying a Hezbollah flag:

A man carrying the flag of the terrorist group Hezbollah gathered with other protesters outside of the Israeli embassy this afternoon to display their disapproval of Israel’s latest conflict with Hamas.

When the Capitol City Project asked why he was carrying the flag the protester responded that “in 2006 Hezbollah did something which no other resistance group was able to do against Israel. And that was defeat an Israeli zionist army”. “At this point the only Israel, unfortunately, is able to understand is armed resistance,” he continued.

“I don’t have a Hamas flag but I would’ve been waving a Hamas flag, Islamic Jihad flag” the man said. “Because these are people that, just like the IRA before them, just like the Russians against the Nazis, just like the Americans here in this country, it was armed resistance that gave them their freedom,” he contended.

He said that armed resistance is “just one aspect of achieving the freedom.” “BDS is also something that will be able to achieve that” the activist claimed.