I never liked the phrase “self-hating Jew.”

Seems way too subjective, and the exception not the rule for those left-wing Jews who see only evil in Israel, and only good in Israel’s enemies.

Certainly, there are self-hating Jews, many of whom populate the anti-Israel boycott movement.

But for the most part, they don’t hate themselves. They adore themselves, and consider that they alone have found the proper formula for being a good Jew. They have a superiority complex.

It’s what allows them obsessively to blame Israeli “occupation” and “settlements” for hatred of Israel and the lack of peace, even though that hatred and lack of peace long predated the “occupation” and “settlements.”

That they ignore the reality of Jew hatred as a powerful motivating anti-Israel force is not a matter of self-hatred, but I’ve never known what to call it.

I saw today a tweet using the phrase “self-righteously suicidal” (Featured Image).

I like that phrase.

It captures the essence of much left-wing Jewish hatred of Israel, which is divorced from the real world and dependent upon a structure of the conflict that never existed except in their own minds.