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LIVE: U.N. Security Council emergency meeting on Gaza conflict

LIVE: U.N. Security Council emergency meeting on Gaza conflict

Israeli Amb.: From safety of Qatar, “Hamas leaders … order room service with one hand, … Palestinians to serve as human shields with the other”

[Council meeting now over]

The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting at the request of Jordan. The live tweets are below. The main outcome is that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will leave Saturday for the Middle East to try to mediate a ceasefire.

Security Council Emergency Meeting Gaza undersecretary of the UN Jeff Feltman

Security Council Emergency Meeting Gaza - Rep of Palestine

Security Council Emergency Meeting Gaza - Israel Ambassador Ron Prosor

Full text of Israeli Ambassador’s Speech here.


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There’s an old saying about tits on a boar hog.

But even those have to have more utility than the U.N.

And they damn sure don’t cost much…

The UN is such a pathetic joke.

They call for an end to rocket fire from Gaza. Great, they’re ignoring you.

Now what, morons?

The PA wishes they could control Gaza. Gaza chose Hamas. Gaza chose death before compromise.

As ye reap, so shall ye sow.

There was once a justification for the UN. In the Cold War, before even the Hot Line, it provided a place where the superpowers could meet and ensure no messages were misunderstood.

Once Nixon opened relations with China and the USSR, there was little need for the UN. After the fall of the Soviet Empire and rise of modern communications, it is pure anachronism, just taking up valuable Manhattan real estate so the relatives, cronies, and friends of every despot in the world can party hard on the money of their poor people.

It’s long past its useful life. Time to withdraw and send them packing. If others wish to continue the charade, perhaps Brussels or Mombasa would provide a more appropriate site.

Don’t send them packing – offer them some nice rental real estate, say, in North Dakota, and a fair price (at a profit) on enough metal pre-fab quonset huts and such to house all of them (at fair rent), meeting rooms, etc.

Totally take back 100 % of Rock Center, etc, etc, get all those thousands and thousands of assholes from third world shit holes the hell out of NYC, get them away from their mansions and Broadway and limos and 5 star restaurants and 5th ave shopping etc etc.

Oh – and make the UN TOTALLY open it’s books, from top to bottom, every single line item needs to be public.

Undersecretary Feltman is joking, right?

Quote: We call for immediate end for rocket fire from Gaza and Israeli attacks.

Undersecretary, the Israeli attacks will cease when the rockets cease TOTALLY for a period of not less than 30 DAYS, and not one moment before, and will resume IN FULL the INSTANT that a rocket leaves “Palestinian Authority” controlled airspace and enters Israeli Airspace.

The Israeli’s really need to start taking the tough line. If they’re going to be called murders, it’s high time that they start actually showing the world just EXACTLY how BAD it CAN get.

The comment from the Israeli rep about Hamas in Qatar was brilliant.

Samantha Power gave a mild defense of Israel, but you could tell her heart wasn’t in it. I wish John Bolton was still our rep, he’d of shaken up the room.

The Nigerian rep’s statement was particularly disappointing. She went on about how both sides need to negotiate. Does the Gentle Lady think that sitting down with Boko Haram to discuss their “differences” will end the kidnappings and murders?

But the goofballs of the United Kingdom inadvertently had a good idea: they think Israel should respond “proportionately”. OK, sounds good, Israel should indiscriminately fire 1500 rockets into Gaza. C’mon Great Britain, same is same.