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Factual Feminism Week at College Insurrection

Factual Feminism Week at College Insurrection

Another report full of news and politics from the world of higher education.

Verizon has created a new ad which pushes the myth that girls are victims of sexism in the study of math and science. The Factual Feminist explains the truth below.

It must be due in part to all the empowerment.

Men face a different set of challenges on campus.

Good thing we have due process.

I wonder why this is happening?

Compare and contrast the following items.

What happened to our work ethic?

Two sad headlines from the same story.

And a shocking story.

Unions were in the news again this week.

No light on the economic horizon for college students.

Because you need a degree to understand it.

BDS update…

And now the week in dumb news…

And finally, income inequality…

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The girls and boys are activists. The women and men are active. Nothing has changed.

It was an extraordinary propaganda campaign which managed to create a false reality. Fortunately, reality has resurfaced, despite the efforts of special interests to submerge it.