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Do-it-yourself impeachment

Do-it-yourself impeachment

From Mary:

I made these bumper “stickers” today so that I can change the message around when it suits me.

I based them on those silly refrigerator magnets that were so popular years ago. The magnetic material is available at most sign shops for a nominal fee.

I cut it into strips of various sizes with scissors and used a permanent marker to add my mix-up messages.

Let people know how terribly easy this is!

I wonder how many other sentences can be formed from the movable stickers on her car.

I’d run a prize contest for the best entry, but I don’t have any prizes to give out.


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I love it when people get creative like this. These are much-much better than store-bought bumper stickers. CONGRATS to Mary!

I wonder if you can buy the magnetic stuff from Hobby Lobby?


Karen Sacandy | July 16, 2014 at 8:23 am

Yes, you do have a prize to give out:

A posting here, with the photo of the winner!

wow – that pine tree in the plate gives it away – is that WA state or OR? Just awesome – congrats.

OMGoodness!! Excellent work there. I’ve gotta have / make those! Please share how to go about it? Thanks! 🙂

Great job!

Impeach him but Reid will oppose removal, and Obama will never resign. So, the solution is to ensure competing interests prevent Obama from running amuck. Well, any more than he already does. Ideally, he would be placed in a sandbox where his actions can be contained and reversed.

Mary responds:
Thanks Professor! These were really fun to make. (There are more words in the trunk if I want them) Yes, living in Oregon, I have to have removable stickers or my car will get keyed, or worse. Don’t use the paper-covered magnetic sheets from the office stores. They are not strong enough in the wind and the paper gets wet and falls off. I got the magnetic sign material from a local sign shop. Most sign shops carry it. It cuts with scissors, or a small paper trimmer. I drew on the letters with a black permanent marker, trying to make the letters look like the old refrigerator “poetry” font. I would suggest making the strips no more than 4 inches wides, so they stick on better. Thanks for the comments, folks!

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | July 16, 2014 at 11:48 am

Test Test Test

The site software seems to be acting out this morning…or is it just the OBama NSA spys?

White House bribing health insurance companies to keep rates down ahead of midterms

Written by Allen West on July 16, 2014


Voter ID Laws Have Caused Significant Drop In Democratic Party Registration In Florida

peachesncream | July 16, 2014 at 12:22 pm

I joined the site (have been a lurker) just to respond to
Mary’s clever idea & let you all know that you can buy vinyl
coated magnetic stripping on line, several sites came up
after a google search additionally you can use the
host s Amazon Portal to buy it.
Endless possibilities come to mind…..
“Hillary Lies” has a great ring to it !!!!
I live in 1st Primary State NH so bumper stickers get
lots of impact here, they ll be read at every Red Light,
every supermarket lot, church parking lot.
And even when you are just bobbing along down the street !