The Democratic Party creates its coalition by catering to a diverse group of ethnic interest groups, and sometimes the special interests of those special interest groups clash.

In the following clip where people are talking about the border problems, we see a microcosm of the competing groups, as well as rifts within the black community itself. They may all be Democrats (it’s hard to know for sure), but they demonstrate a diversity of opinion and a great intensity of feeling. The Vietnam vet has a quiet firmness, and the earnest younger man in the black shirt who says “This make no sense!” comes through loud and clear.

It’s true that our government’s reaction to what’s happening on the border makes no sense if we ordinary people look at it conventionally. But it makes plenty of sense to Obama and others in his party who think it will give them a permanent and unbeatable majority in the not-too-distant future, as well as placate the huge Hispanic voting bloc in the present. And if their formerly reliable ethnic group, African Americans, suffers as a result—well then, what are they going to do about it anyway? Turn Republican? After Democrats’ successfully branding Republicans as racist for several decades, that would be a tough pill for many black people to swallow, and the Democrat know it.

Towards the end of the tape, the soft-spoken guy on the right in the red shirt talks the hard leftist line of “Americans have caused all the ills of the world by interfering with it.” Thank you, Howard Zinn! The young woman in the tank top with the thin straps counters him at the very end by saying the US does some good, too.

It’s a little microcosm of America, complete with the drumbeats of the Native American demonstrators who are using the occasion to air their grievances as well:

The National Review has a good article on the topic of the clash between American blacks and the new arrivals. Not only will poorer black citizens bear the brunt of the jobs competition with these illegal immigrants, as well as competing for aid, they will be the ones on the front lines in terms of the invasion of their neighborhoods. No rich white liberal (and no rich black liberal, for that matter) is going to have to live next door to a houseful of illegal alien drug runners controlled by the violent cartels.

The people in the Obama administration seem to think that anything they do is spinnable. And why wouldn’t they? That’s been their experience so far. I wonder about this one, though. People seem very angry, and it cuts across political and racial lines to a certain extent.

[Featured image: YouTube video]

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