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Branco Cartoon – Itchy and Scratchy

Branco Cartoon – Itchy and Scratchy

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I get a lot of “thumbs up” when driving around town proudly displaying a bumper sticker reading That Obama sticker on your car might as well read ‘I’m a dumba$$’

Shortly before the last set of elections, my Obama-supporting cousin told me about a bumper sticker that made her laugh. It said “How’s that Hopey-Changey stuff working out for you?” I did not tell her where the quote came from.

Henry Hawkins | July 10, 2014 at 11:57 am

Next door to my business is a one-lady real estate agency, and the good lady of which and I have become friends, able to amiably banter on politics. She is black and her car has Obama stickers on the bumper and back window. Or had, I should say. I noticed they were gone and meant to tease her about it when I noticed a few tears in her eye. She said she and her husband were heartbroken over how the Obama era is turning out and have become deeply disappointed in the man. She identified ‘all the constant lying’ as Obama’s main offense.

Despite my extreme dislike for Obama on any measure, I can’t help but feel for her, given how Obama was portrayed in 2007-08 and how he was so revered by most black voters. Granted, she is a rural southern lady, Southern Baptist, and all about family, church, rules, morals, standards, etc., as opposed to some urban project benefits sponge, but I can’t help thinking she and her hubby can’t be the only black voters feeling deep regrets.

    So she voted for him in 2008 – understandably – but did she vote for him in 2012? That’s the key question. If I recall correctly, his support among blacks dipped ever so slightly in 2012 – which leads me to speculate whether race trumps all, blacks are idiots, or blacks believe he is doing a marvelous job.

    Matt_SE in reply to Henry Hawkins. | July 10, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Not only is compassion the Christian thing to do, but there must come a time of reconciliation. If we ostracize former O-bots, they will put up the defenses and learn nothing.
    The best thing to do, IMO, is to gently recite the principles of good governance and how Obama didn’t live up to those (and maybe how his background gave clues).

    Maybe they’ll consider that the next time around.

Funny cartoon, but I haven’t seen too many O-bots removing their stickers. It’s almost like they’re proud of their idiocy.

They’re too childish and narcissistic to admit their pathetic failing in supporting this bozo.

celsius1939 | July 11, 2014 at 8:44 am

You cannot educate those who voted for Obobo. They were told many many times that he had never had a real job. They said it didn’t matter. I suspect this is because they were on the government dole and do not respect work. No lessons have really been learned because now they think it was his failure when in fact it is the progressive fascist philosophy that is destroying this country. I have very little hope for the long run.