My father just told me about this song by Peter Himmelman, “Maximum Restraint.” Himmelman, in addition to being a singer-songwriter in his own right is also Bob Dylan’s son-in-law.

In the song, Himmelman mocks calls for Israel to exercise “maximum restraint” in response to rocket attacks.

Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

They’re shooting grads and quassams, from hospitals, mosques and schools
When they photograph their dead and dying Hamas just sits and drools

Another photo op to take, take straight to CNN
they paint Israel as the aggressor – and then it all begins again

When someone comes to kill you
In the middle of the night
Don’t try to defend yourself
Don’t use an ounce of might
Just sit there quietly and try hard not to faint
As the world calls out for – maximum restraint

Himmelman like his father-in-law is a folk rocker from Minnesota. His defense of Israel and criticism of the world’s hypocrisy echoes Dylan’s 1980’s release “Neighborhood Bully” which included this lyric:

Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad
The bombs were meant for him. He was supposed to feel bad

I guess the times haven’t a-changed all that much.


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